Raised by Wolves Finale: Everything We Know

‘Raised by Wolves’ is all set to become one of the best works of Ridley Scott, who serves as the producer and director (first two episodes). The science-fiction drama series has garnered critical acclaim for its narrative that succulently delves into the aspects of artificial intelligence and religious faith. The magnificent visuals and expansive production design have managed to keep the viewers hooked to their screens. However, it’s almost time to say goodbye to the show.

In the penultimate episode, Sue lends a helping hand to a pregnant Mother, while Marcus’ big secret is revealed. Need a recap? Head to the end! In case you’re curious to know about the release date and other details of the season finale, we have got your back!

Raised by Wolves Finale Release Date

The season finale, i.e., ‘Raised by Wolves’ episode 10 will release on October 1, 2020, at 3 am ET on HBO Max. The tenth and final episode is titled ‘The Beginning.’

Where to Watch Raised by Wolves Finale Online?

You can stream the ‘Raised by Wolves’ on HBO Max’s official website if you are a subscriber. Another way you can watch the show is by logging into the HBO Max app and HBO Go app. If you have not signed up HBO Max exclusively, you can subscribe to the streaming service using Hulu account here. Canadian viewers can watch the episode on CraveTV and CTV Sci-Fi Channel. If you are in Australia, you can catch it on Foxtel. HBO Asia will air the episode for viewers in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Raised by Wolves Episode 9 Recap

‘Raised by Wolves’ episode 9 is titled ‘Umbilical.’

The intense episode is all about shifting dynamics and unraveling of secrets, some darker than others. It puts a lid on the subplot involving Tempest and Otho. The latter is a former high-ranking Mithraic, who raped and impregnated Tempest. Upon running into the sinner around the Ark’s wreckage, Tempest feels a strong urge to hurt the criminal because of whom she almost took her life. However, Mother stops her from doing so, as he is the only one who can feed Mother’s fetus.

As Tempest and Mother drag Otho to a safe space where Mother can deliver the baby, Otho tries his best to create a rift between the two, but in vain. They come across Sue, who naturally, threatens to hurt Mother by putting bullets in her. However, all the kids, including Paul, shield the android from Sue. Following this, Mother informs the Mithraic about her pregnancy and collapses. Upon the insistence of the kids, Sue lends assistance to Mother. Later, Sue talks about her miscarriages, and the woman and android engage in a deep conversation about motherhood. Elsewhere, Hunter resets Father’s programming, and the latter tells Hunter to convince Marcus to tag Father along with them on the search.

During the night, Father and Hunter take off in pursuit of Mother and the others. When they reunite with Mother, she realizes that the blood flow has been reversed, and Otho is receiving the empowering sustenance. Just when Otho wakes up to kill Mother, Tempest strikes him dead. Meanwhile, the Mithraic’s turn against Marcus and beat him black and blue. When Marcus moves, he is shocked to discover that the liquid coming out of his mouth is not blood but white goo akin to what runs through Mother’s veins.

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