Are Raissa and Karen From Dating Around Brazil Still Together?

Dating is hard, especially in recent times when everything is available for people at the tip of their fingers. That may seem quite inappropriate or inconsequential when it comes to starting a relationship, but technology has had a massive effect on how the current dating world works as well. With various apps having various profiles that help people form carefully constructed sentences from behind a screen, who knows if what an individual is getting is real or a sham.

To move out of that, but still somehow remaining modern, Netflix came out with the hit reality dating series ‘Dating Around,‘ where the concept was “quantity over quality” so as to help an attractive singleton find their true love in a traditional first date setting. Now, because the series became a massive hit around the world, the streamer expanded its production and came out with an international edition, set in the vibrant city of Sāo Paulo, Brazil. Curious to know how Raissa and Karen from episode 5 fared? Here’s all that we know.

Raissa and Karen: Dating Around Brazil Journey

Described by her friends and family members as a seductive woman who demands the attention of the room as soon she walks in, Raissa is someone who inspires others. She moved to the city just over a year ago, because she missed her family and was tired of her life in Rondonia, Porto Velho. She may be referred to as a player because she has dated a lot in search of someone who she could call her real love, but that hasn’t slowed her down in her pursuit of happily ever after.

For this purpose, she featured on the show and met up with five incredible women for the blind dates – Xaunana, Nathalia, Ingrid, Giovanna, and Karen. And, if we had to describe her and Karen’s journey in one word, it would be adorable. Yes, they had a bit of a rocky start, but, they recovered quickly and went on to share some incredible moments. Since Karen is bisexual, that topic was touched and Raissa was open when she said that she, at one point, didn’t understand it.

Fortunately, it didn’t become a big deal. During dinner, Karen expressed the same hopes and dreams as Raissa for her future – a serious relationship, a person with whom she could grow old, and a family. She was worried that it would seem quite hopelessly romantic, but Raissa reassured her and told her that there was nothing wrong with it. Music was one topic that took over a majority of the episode, but the pair’s conversation about dance and poetry was the one that, in their words, “captivated” us the most.

The flirtations, the looks they kept giving one another, and the fact that they couldn’t keep their hand off of each other, in an innocent way and otherwise, was enough for them, and for us, to know that they genuinely felt a connection. And, it was only made stronger when they shared a kiss and Raissa admitted that she “really likes” Karen. Therefore, of course, she picked her for the second date. And, to make everything even more delightful, when they met for the second time, Karen gave her a note within which she had written Raissa a poem!

Are Raissa and Karen Still Together?

To be honest, it hasn’t been made evident by either of them whether they are currently involved in a romantic relationship or not, either with each other or with someone else entirely, so we can’t say anything for sure. But, the fact that they follow each other on Instagram and Raissa has uploaded about being on the show, even though she isn’t very active there otherwise, gives us hope that they still have a positive relationship, and are, at the bare minimum, friends.

Karen’s social media is mostly about her work as a dancer and artist and she has a whole other account for her poetry. So, finding something concrete from there was also impossible. Since the two were wishing for the same thing from their futures, though, we hope that they do find it someday soon, if they haven’t already. After all, their romantic hearts deserve it.

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