Randall “Randy” Fowler: Where is Kevin Spacey’s Brother Now?

As a documentary series that goes much beyond a did he or didn’t he exposé on the once-renowned actor and producer Kevin Spacey, ‘Spacey Unmasked’ is genuinely unlike any other. That’s because it incorporates not just archival footage but also exclusive interviews to really shine a light upon the alleged predatory behavior displayed by him over the past few decades. Amongst those who thus play a significant role throughout this narrative is his brother Randall “Randy” Fowler, primarily as he details how they did not have an ordinary upbringing.

Randall “Randy” Fowler Faced a Lot of Abuse Growing Up

Although born in 1956 to secretary Kathleen Ann and data consultant-technical writer Thomas Geoffrey Fowler as their middle child, Randy sadly did not have a happy or stable childhood at all. After all, per his account in the aforementioned original, their father was not only a white supremacist neo-Nazi but also extremely physically as well as sexually abusive towards him in particular. “He blamed the world for all his problems,” Kevin’s three-year elder brother expressed. “He was so full of so much hatred… My father had a riding crop and he used to beat the sh*t out of me.”

Randy then added that despite the fact he never once saw their father “ever lay a hand on” Kevin, his younger brother’s experiences weren’t normal either since he witnessed the alleged abuse. “Looking at it from my brother’s perspective,” he stated, “all he saw was ‘Randy got into trouble a lot,’ and he would just split… He found a way to survive in an environment that was not loving.” Therefore, as time passed, the once “real bond” these brothers shared began dwindling — the elder one was still protective and tried to ensure Kevin was never assaulted, but they still drifted.

“The house was creepy. It was cold. It was violent,” Randy asserted at one point before going on to describe the brutal assault he had to endure at his father’s hands for years. “In 1969, it was the summer. That’s when it first started. My father took me up to the master bedroom and raped me. He sodomized me. He gave me oral sex… I was only 13 or 14 years old. This kind of nonsense went on for years, and it wasn’t until 1971 [that] I just said, ‘No, this has to stop now.’ And I threatened him. I said, ‘If you ever lay a hand on Kevin, I’m gonna tell mother.’ That was the last sexual abuse.”

However, because the overall violence didn’t stop, Randy ended up following in his elder sister Julie Fowler’s footsteps and moved out for good almost as soon as he was able — at 19 in 1975. He felt genuinely guilty about leaving Kevin behind, yet he hoped everything would be okay because the youngster shared a close bond with their mother and was primarily protected by her. But alas, he had no idea that while he went on to pursue music while masking the pain of his past as well as inner turmoil by donning over-the-top clothing, his brother did the same with acting while also, unfortunately, allegedly evolving into an aggressive sexual predator.

Randall “Randy” Fowler is Based in Boise, Idaho

According to reports, Randy studied music before stepping foot in the industry as a drummer, leading to a rather successful career before he himself decided to hang up his sticks for good. It was shortly after this that a friend called him to ask if he’d mind filling in for a limousine driver at a concert, unaware the attendees would end up swarming him due to his unique look — they’d obsess over the way he was a “cross between Mozart and Liberace in the 1980s.” This gave him the idea of trying to make a living “simply by being a nice guy and dressing differently,” but the way locals would then hire him as an impersonator limo driver gave him a different push.

Randy gradually realized he could do Rod Stewart, all the while also dabbling in impressions of Ron Wood plus Howard Stern, driving him to establish his imitator limo-driving company, Rod’s Limos. His business partner did set him back by pulling out a few years later, yet this professional was able to make things work by driving for another firm while still maintaining his USP since he’d gradually garnered a massive fan base in his local area of Boise, Idaho. As for his personal life, it appears as if Randy prefers to keep such details well away from the limelight at the moment to avoid prying eyes, but we do know he’s proud of where he stands today, even if he’s estranged from his siblings because he is full of love plus happy to provide for his family.

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