Where to Stream Random Acts of Violence?

‘Random Acts of Violence’ is a Canadian-American slasher movie based on a 2010 comic of the same name. Blood and gore abound in this offering, where two comic book writers start noticing that a string of gruesome crimes are eerily similar to what they’ve portrayed. As life begins scarily imitating art, the authors must rush to the bottom of the horrifying mystery before it claims them as casualties. After the film festival debut in 2019, ‘Random Acts of Violence’ is finally available to audiences. Curious to know where to stream the movie? We’ve got you covered, and will walk you through the plot as well.

What is Random Acts of Violence About?

‘Random Acts of Violence’ follows Todd and Ezra, his publisher. The duo goes on a press tour to announce the release of their last issue of the Slasherman comics – a series based on a real-life killer. They decide to visit the town where the ruthless killer unleashed the reign of terror 20 years earlier. Soon after the two show up, a new string of murders begins, which resemble what they have put in their comic books. Naturally, speculation abounds about who the new killer might be.

Is Random Acts of Violence on Netflix?

Netflix has a stellar roster of movies to cater to every taste. Slashers are quite popular among horror films, but ‘Random Acts of Violence’ is not on the platform. Instead, you can check out ‘Candyman,’ the classic slasher horror, where a monster with a hook for a hand is summoned by a skeptic researching the myth.

Is Random Acts of Violence on Hulu?

Hulu makes smart additions to the platform and stays ahead of the competition due to its evolving roster. ‘Random Acts of Violence’ cannot be streamed by Hulu subscribers, but you can always check out ‘The House that Jack Built.’ The film expertly intertwines how murder can be seen as art and makes philosophical connections between art and life. At the same time, we see the titular Jack on a rampage, claiming lives at random.

Is Random Acts of Violence on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime sources content globally, which is why it retains its reputation as one of the finest streaming platforms at present. ‘Random Acts of Violence’ is not available for free for Prime subscribers. Though you can subscribe to Shudder via Amazon Prime and watch the film.

Where Can I Stream Random Acts of Violence Online?

‘Random Acts of Violence’ right now is only available to stream on Shudder.

Can I Stream Random Acts of Violence Online For Free?

Shudder is offering a free 7-day trial person currently. You can take advantage of the offer and watch ‘Random Acts of Violence’ for free. You can subscribe to Shudder via Amazon Prime.

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