Raul Ambriz Guillen Murder: Where is Lauren Wambles Now?

When Rosa Ambriz couldn’t reach her father, Raul Ambriz Guillen, she alerted the authorities about his disappearance, as they shared a close bond. After tracking down his car, the police embarked on a 50-day search. Eventually, a tip from an informant led them to the location where his body was buried. Investigation Discovery’s episode ‘The Fall of Aubrey Gold’ from the series ‘Lethally Blonde’ delves into Raul’s background, and the circumstances surrounding his death, and identifies his killer.

Raul Ambriz Guillen Died From a Bullet Wound

Raul Ambriz Guillen led a transient life, often taking on various construction jobs across the country to support his three children, including his daughter Rosa and two sons. Before 2020, Raul encountered legal trouble when he was caught driving an unregistered vehicle, resulting in a prison sentence. During his time incarcerated, he befriended William Shane Parker. Upon his release, Raul found himself unemployed, and Shane extended an offer to work for Jeremie Peters, who ran a drug operation disguised as a construction business.

Raul became involved with Peters, and Shane, and was introduced to Lauren Wambles, Shane’s girlfriend and a former adult entertainment artist. The group frequently socialized together and were often seen together in Jackson County, Missouri. On July 2, 2020, Raul maintained his routine of calling his daughter Rosa daily, engaging in their usual conversation. However, after July 4, Rosa was unable to reach him. Concerned by his sudden absence, Rosa contacted Shane, who informed her that Raul had left the group and was en route to Texas. Lacking further details, Rosa decided to notify the authorities of her father’s disappearance.

On August 24, while the police were actively searching for Raul, they received a tip from an informant who claimed to know about Raul’s death and the location of his grave. Following this lead, the informant guided the authorities to the burial site in Holmes County in Ohio, where Raul’s body was discovered concealed beneath cut barrels, wrapped in tarp and tape, and buried underground. According to the coroner’s report, Raul had succumbed to a gunshot wound to the back of his head and had been killed on July 4.

A Reliable Informant Helped Find Raul Ambriz Guillen’s Killers

Following Rosa Ambriz’s report of her father’s disappearance, the search for Raul Ambriz Guillen commenced promptly. Rosa provided information to law enforcement, including the fact that her father drove a distinctive blue Mercedes, one of his most prized possessions. Authorities circulated a description of the vehicle, which ultimately led them to an auto shop in Houston County, Alabama, where the car was discovered. Unfortunately, the vehicle was in the process of being dismantled, hindering forensic examination efforts by the police, who were unable to uncover any significant evidence from the car.

Upon inquiry at the auto shop, the owner identified William Shane Parker and Lauren Wambles as the individuals who had dropped off Guillen’s car. Subsequently, law enforcement initiated questioning of both individuals. Parker and Wambles claimed that Raul had left the car with them before departing, and as they had no use for it, they sold it to the auto shop. Initially lacking substantial leads, the police temporarily halted their investigation. However, with the discovery of Raul’s body, their scrutiny of Parker and Wambles intensified once more.

The informant who provided the tip regarding Raul’s location also implicated Jeremie Peters as the perpetrator of Raul’s murder. Due to the advanced state of decomposition of Raul’s body, the police intensified their questioning of Lauren Wambles, leading to her eventual confession. Wambles revealed that Peters had come to perceive Raul as a member of the Mexican drug cartel, viewing him as a threat and a potential infiltrator to his operation. Peters then tasked Shane with the role of “executor,” instructing him to eliminate Raul.

She recounted that on July 4th, Peters left Raul alone with Shane and her. Later that evening, she enticed Raul outside the house, where the three of them set off firecrackers together. While Raul was distracted by the noise, Shane approached him from behind and fatally shot him in the back of the head. To silence Raul’s cries, Shane forcefully filled his mouth with dirt and then struck him in the head with a shovel. The following day, Shane and Peters disposed of Raul’s body by burying it in the nearby woods.

Lauren Wambles is Incarcerated Today

After confessing, Lauren Wambles cooperated with the authorities, revealing that she was pregnant with William Shane Parker’s child. Despite initial reluctance, she agreed to testify against both Shane and Jeremie Peters. In 2022, the 24-year-old pleaded no contest to one count of accessory after the fact to second-degree murder with a firearm. She was sentenced to 10 years in prison, along with an additional 5-year felony probation term. Currently incarcerated at the Gadsden Correctional Facility in Florida, her projected release date is set for 2029.

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