Raymond Wright’s Daughters Miss Their Dad Even Today

It was on January 11, 2018, when the entire world for Raymond “Ray” Wright’s loved ones turned upside down as this 55-year-old contractor suddenly went missing without a trace left behind. After all, as carefully chronicled in CBS’ ’48 Hours: Who Took Our Dad? The Abduction of Ray Wright,’ almost every one of them subsequently had a feeling something terrible had transpired. Little did they know they were actually right — his body has sadly never been recovered, yet two individuals have since been found responsible for his murder, much to his daughters’ delight.

Who Are Raymond Wright’s Daughters?

Although Raymond preferred to keep his personal life well away from the limelight considering his past issues with drinking, he was proud of the fact he was a divorced yet involved father of three. In fact, he was always particularly close to his two adult daughters — Haley Lauren Kendall and Kennedy Carin Wright — as well as his sole granddaughter Ashtyn Monroe (from the former). It thus comes as no surprise they were among the first to realize he’d disappeared once he abruptly stopped responding to calls and texts, which was genuinely very uncharacteristic of him.

“I called, and I called, and I called, straight to voicemail every time,” Haley candidly told contributor Natalie Morales for ’48 Hours,’ only for her younger sister to then add, “It was really scary.” Nevertheless, it wasn’t until their uncle Dean Wright found an intruder (Victor Gray) inside his brother’s home during one of his regular hopeful check-ins that they filed a missing person’s report. “After we found out about the break-in to his house, honestly, I felt as though maybe something bad has happened,” Haley said back then. “Someone took him, or he’s not okay wherever he is.”

The then 27-year-old also expressed, “[My dad is] really involved with everyone in his life so this is just out of character for him to just disappear almost like into thin air.” In another interview around the same time, she raised further awareness about Ray’s case by revealing the family’s own ordeals: “It’s hard because you don’t know what’s going on, you have no answers… We’re looking for any answers we can get because at this point, we don’t have any.” On January 17, Haley also voiced, “We desperately want to find him safely, and we ask anyone who has seen him or has knowledge of his whereabouts to call the Rocklin Police Department immediately.”

Where Are Raymond Wright’s Daughters Now?

Unfortunately, Haley and Kennedy’s worst fears were realized when, after three years of mere questions, Robert Manor as well as Victor Gray were arrested for kidnapping plus murder in March 2021. That’s because their arrest came with the hypothesis the former had gone as far as to dismember Raymond to dispose of him in a revenge killing — Raymond had crashed into him while drunk driving in November 2011, following which he’d spent time in prison and turned his life around, but Robert couldn’t let it go. In the end, the duo were found guilty before being sentenced to life without parole.

Coming to Haley and Kennedy’s current standing, the loss of their father does hang over their head like a dark cloud, yet it appears as if they’re doing their best to move on while keeping him alive in their hearts. The former, in particular, is based in El Dorado Hills, California at the moment, where she’s surrounded by a loving boyfriend as well as her young daughter and happily works in the food industry as a server. As for the latter, this Los Angeles, California resident is a proud graduate of the University of California-Berkeley, following which she has established a career as a Writer plus Actress signed under MZA Agency.

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