Reacher Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: Reacher Enters the Lion’s Den

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Pressure has been building for Jack Reacher and his team as they get closer to answers but also to the possibility of death in the second season of Prime Video’s ‘Reacher.’ The penultimate episode of the show drops the protagonist into a pickle while he is still processing the unexpected loss of an ally. The heightened stakes and a cornered Reacher make for an interesting recipe for the finale, and the seventh episode increases the tension in its final moments. It was clear from the beginning of this season that things are much more dangerous, and not everyone might survive. In this episode, two more of Reacher’s friends are thrown into life-threatening danger, and Reacher himself has to walk into the lion’s den to rescue them. SPOILERS AHEAD

Reacher Season 2 “The Man Goes Through” Recap

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After Detective Russo dies, Reacher and Co take Marlo Burns and her daughter to a safe place. It’s clear now that Langston and associates have very deep pockets, and they won’t hesitate to kill anyone. If they have the confidence to kill a cop and get away with it, then they have nothing to fear, which makes it even more important for Marlo and her daughter to go someplace where they can be safe until Langston is dealt with. Dixon reveals that she has someone reliable who can help them.

While Dixon and O’Donnell help Marlo, Reacher and Neagley visit Marsh. They know that he was the only one who could have ratted out Russo. Even though he claims he didn’t know Russo would be killed, Reacher counters that anyone who knew Russo knew that he would never take a bribe or make a deal with the bad guys, and Marsh must have known they were going to kill him. Reacher tries to get some answers out of Marsh, and when he discovers that one of Russo’s attackers is still alive, he shoots Marsh, killing him on the spot. While he and Neagley carry on with their investigation, Dixon and O’Donnell are caught by the enemy.

Reacher Season 2 Episode 7 Ending: Will O’Donnell and Dixon Die?

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In the previous episode, Neagley had run over one of Langston’s goons and assumed that he died, but it turns out he survived and was in intensive care. She and Reacher visit the man and torture him to spill what little information he has. Once they have what they need, they kill him. On the way, they bump into another assassin, who realises must have been sent to kill the man they just killed. This means Langston is tying up loose ends. The effort to catch the assassin goes to waste when Reacher kills him by mistake, but Neagley finds his phone, and soon, Reacher is on a call with Langston. Reacher thought he had the upper hand, but Langston reveals that he has O’Donnell and Dixon. He asks Reacher to surrender if he wants to save his friends, and he knows he has no choice.

Reacher agrees to willingly surrender, but before that, he tells Langston that his assassin got to Neagley and she is dead. He also says that the cops are circling the place, so he’ll need some time to dodge them. Langston agrees to give him a couple of hours, during which Reacher and Neagley come up with a plan to save their friends. Reacher also reaches out to the Senator who had promised him help, but once they scout the area, they discover that Langston’s security is pretty tight, and it will be impossible to mount an attack from outside. Only someone from the inside can bring the house down, so Reacher decides to surrender, but not without a plan.

Meanwhile, O’Donnell and Dixon are tortured in a similar manner to Franz, and other members of the 110th were before they were thrown from planes. When Reacher shows up, Langston is already on his way to take Dixon and O’Donnell for a ride. It’s clear that he was going to throw them off the plane, too, but Reacher’s arrival delays that plan. For Langston, this only adds to the count of people being thrown off planes. However, even now, he underestimates Reacher and forgets the vow he made the first time they talked. When Langston had asked him what he wanted, Reacher said he wanted to throw him off a plane. It’s clear that the big guy still has the same plan in mind, though it remains to be seen how he and Neagley alone will be able to manage that.

Image Credit: Brooke Palmer/Prime Video

Considering that several members of the 110th have already fallen to their deaths, it wouldn’t be a surprise if one of the remaining also meets an end. It would be even more tragic to see O’Donnell or Dixon die because, by now, the audience knows them pretty well. The suspicion falls more on O’Donnell because he has more to lose. The viewers have seen his “family guy” side, which even Reacher was surprised by. In a matter of episodes, we have seen his character develop from a guy who couldn’t commit to a father who was dedicated to his family. The way he helps Marlo and her daughter and gets them to stay calm when they have all the reason in the world to panic makes him more endearing. And this is why it would be heartbreaking to see him die in the end.

Still, Franz and the other dead members of the 110th didn’t have what O’Donnell and Dixon have: Reacher standing at the gates, ready to burn down Langston’s empire and throwing him off the plane. This increases their chances of survival, but a show like ‘Reacher’ doesn’t stop killing lovable characters. Detective Russo’s death is still fresh in the viewers’ minds, so losing yet another good guy would certainly be a huge blow. On the other hand, the show has a reputation for sticking close to the books, which bodes a better future for Reacher’s friends. It remains to be seen whether the show will stay in line with the books or if it will diverge just a little and kill yet another character before we see Reacher exact his revenge on Langston.

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