Rekkie Smart Snow Goggles: Post Shark Tank Update

Remedying challenges posed during adventure sports, four entrepreneurs bring their unique product, Rekkie Smart Snow Goggles, to investors in Season 15, episode 7 of ‘Shark Tank.’ The ABC series chronicles the journey of entrepreneurs who bring their out-of-the-box innovation to investors and VCs in a feat to seek investment. Brothers Henry, David, Anderson, and Fletcher Pease present the eclectic deliverables of their ski goggles to Sharks and hope to seek a sound investment. Displaying the unique things that the goggles can do, fans have continued to wonder more about the brand and its founders since their appearance.

Rekkie Smart Snow Goggles: Who Are They and What Do They Do

Born in the mind of Henry Pease, the idea of inventing Rekkie Smart Snow Goggles came after he got lost during a skiing trip. After unexpectedly separating from his group, the founder had been lost for quite some time before reuniting with the others. The situation could’ve easily become more convoluted if Henry had not made it his way back. In any other scenario, an inexperienced navigator could’ve easily gotten lost, making the occurrence more dire. Given the grave consequences of the situation, Henry decided to create a contraption that would eliminate the danger and issues snowboarders and skiers face on the slopes. After the epiphany struck, the group decided to collate their experience to produce a product that would be both innovative and unique.

After designing the right hardware for their prototype, Anderson, David, and Fletcher also came into the picture. Together, the team researched and created a product that would help people navigate their way in the mountains without any expert knowledge of the area. As the software engineer of the group, Anderson designed the backend software for the Rekkie App. Fletcher took the reins of sales, finance, and accounting of the product. Finally, David took the lead in marketing, manufacturing, and operations for the company. Together, the quad managed to create a product that would succinctly act as a catalyst for safer skiing and adventure sports.

The team’s design was developed to ensure that users could map the time, altitude, and speed around them. Not just this, the goggles would also have a dedicated compass and battery life status to protect the individuals from getting lost and separated from their group. The company’s name has been inspired by ‘Reconnaissance,’ a military slang used in England. The heads-up display at the top of the glasses would indicate to the user where the members of the party are. The users can pair the goggles with their phone and seek information on directions and compasses. The team officially released their product in 2022 and decided to widen its distribution to reach countless ski enthusiasts across the globe.

Where is Rekkie Smart Snow Goggles Today?

Since launching their product in 2022, Rekkie has continued to scale new heights under the leadership of brothers Henry, David, Fletcher, and Anderson Peas. The company hasn’t just represented the unending benefits of technology but has also ensured that users can comfortably head on their next adventure on mountain slopes bereft of any worries.

Inspired by popular video games and how they allow users to check on their friends by glancing up on the compass, Rekkie has made skiing and snowboarding far easier. Consumers can purchase the brand’s signature product on their website for $355.09. Following the purchase, they can access the Rekkie App on Android and Apple Store. From creating friend groups on the app to tracking everyone’s location, the Rekkie App ensures safety and connection even amidst the wide expanse of the mountains.

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