Where Was Relic Filmed?

Acclaimed horror movies have begun to transcend horror itself. To be clearer, movies like ‘Get Out‘ manage to use horror to depict some deeper themes. After its success, several films have attempted to use supernatural scares to do so. ‘The Badabaook,’ an Australian film is one example. Another Australian production, ‘Relic‘ is one more example of that, and that is the movie that this article is based on.

‘Relic’ tells the story of three generations of a family and the relationship dynamics between them. The story starts with an elderly woman named Edna who lives in a house in the countryside. When she mysteriously disappears, her daughter, Sam, and granddaughter, Kay urgently reach her house. There, they find out about Edna’s dementia. Kay and Sam’s differences come to the fore repeatedly. Edna returns mysteriously. Soon, Sam and Kay realize that there is a supernatural presence haunting the house.

The movie is written and directed by Natalie Erika James. The character of Kay is played by Emily Mortimer. Robyn Nevin essays the role of Edna. Bella Heathcote, on the other hand, plays Edna.

Relic Filming Locations

Several viewers might have wondered where ‘Relic’ has been filmed. The film, like most horror movies, takes place in a house that is cut off from the city. The house is supposedly located in the Victorian countryside in Australia. The fact that it is situated in the countryside makes the setting even scarier.

Melbourne, Australia

‘Relic,’ being an Australian production has been entirely filmed down under. Some of the production companies behind the movie include Screen Australia, Film Victoria, and Carver Films.

To be more specific, filming for ‘Relic’ was carried out in Melbourne: the capital of the state of Victoria. This information was relayed by IMDb. Unfortunately, information regarding the specific locations within Melbourne where filming was carried out is rare. Hence, we cannot tell you with absolute certainty where ‘Relic’ was shot in more specificity. If we find more information, this article shall be updated. Here are some behind-the-scenes photos by writer-director, Natalie Erika James:


Here are some photos from the official Instagram handle of the film:

Have a look at the following video. It shows actress Emily Mortimer talking about the movie. She reveals how ‘Relic’ transcends its genre to provide something deeper:

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