René Higuita Net Worth: How Rich is the Football Star?

Featured in Netflix’s ‘Higuita: The Way of the Scorpion,’ José René Higuita Zapata, who is more popularly known across the world as René Higuita, is a famous football player. The Colombian man made a name for himself thanks to his unconventional playing style, given his position as a goalkeeper. Given the numerous feats he has achieved over the years, the love and adoration that he often gets from his fans are not really surprising. However, the glamorizing nature of his life has also made many wonder just how wealthy the sportsman is today.

How Did René Higuita Earn His Money?

Having grown up under the care of his mother and grandparents, René Higuita had been interested in the field of football from a very young age. The man from Medellín, Colombia, started playing professionally in 1985 when he joined the Millonarios. However, he switched to Atlético Nacional in 1986, the team that would help him earn his place in the history of sports. His excellence as a player also meant that Higuita was inducted into the Colombia national football team in 1987.

Though Higuita remained with Atlético Nacional until 1997, there was indeed one season in 1992 when he moved to Spain and played for Real Valladolid. The same year that he left Atlético Nacional, Higuita went to Mexico and joined Club Deportivo Veracruz, staying with them until 1998. In 1999, he was back in Colombia, and this time, he became a part of Independiente Medellín until 2000, when he switched to Real Cartagena. The footballer remained with the latter team until 2001 before joining Atlético Junior.

2002 saw Higuita joining Deportivo Pereira before he switched to Sociedad Deportiva Aucas in 2004. While he was still a part of Aucas, in 2005, the famous goalkeeper had to retire after he failed a drug test that showed signs of cocaine in his system. He made a comeback in 2007 by joining Guaros, which was followed by him becoming a member of Deportivo Rionegro (now known as Leones) in 2008. However, in the latter year, he once again made a switch, this time becoming a part of Deportivo Pereira, though that collaboration only lasted until 2009, when he chose to retire from being a professional football player—his time as a member of the national Colombia team had actually ended in 1999.

Unconventionally for a goalkeeper, Higuita has racked up many goals in his career. As of writing, he has made a grand total of 43 goals in professional matches, three of which were made at an international level. As a member of Colombia’s 1990 FIFA World Cup team, Higuita played a crucial role in the team’s impressive performance. Nicknamed “El Loco,” he is known for his unique techniques, which likely led to the creation of the “scorpion kick,” and he can also be credited for the rule that bans goalkeepers from picking up a back pass with their hands. In fact, the latter rule is known as the “Higuita Rule” by many, especially in Colombia.

Following his time in the field, Higuita has embraced his role as an educator. He served as a coach for Real Valladolid after having gotten the post in December 2008. From 2011 to 2016, he was the goalkeeper coach for Al Nassr Football Club in Saudi Arabia. On June 28, 2017, Higuita was back with Atlético Nacional, this time as a goalkeeper coach, making it a full-circle moment in his life. Additionally, he has his own line of athletic clothing named after him.

What is René Higuita’s Net Worth?

René Higuita has earned much fame and wealth over the years thanks to his time as a professional football player. His continued role as a professional coach likely contributes to his current wealth along with his role as a businessman. Interestingly, his Instagram following is over 970K, which likely nets him about $3,000 for every sponsored post. Considering these factors, we estimate his net worth to be about $5 million.

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