Renee Bergeron Murder: How Did She Die? Who Killed Her?

Image Credit: Mobile County Sheriff's Office/NBC15 News

The generally peaceful city of Mobile, Alabama, witnessed a terrifying incident when Renee Bergeron’s deceased body was found lying on the I-10 Service Road. While an initial examination soon determined it to be a homicide, the brutality of the crime left law enforcement officers shocked.   The podcast ‘Why Can’t We Talk About Amanda’s Mom?’ chronicles the gruesome murder and follows the investigation that tried to get to the bottom of the incident.

How Did Renee Bergeron Die?

Originally from Marrero, Louisiana, Renee Bergeron grew up in a close-knit family alongside five other siblings. Although she had a normal childhood, the podcast mentioned that Renee began experimenting with drugs in her teenage years. This gradually led to her reportedly taking up sex work, and by the age of 21, Renee had already moved to Theodore, Alabama, to make a living. People in Theodore knew her as Maria Martinez, and attorney Rick Williams mentioned that although he represented Renee on a burglary charge, she was a pretty popular sex worker in that area and had been arrested previously for drug possession.

Image Credit: Mobile County Sheriff’s Office/NBC15 News

However, readers will be surprised to know that at the time of her murder, Renee was a mother, even though her children resided with her family in Louisiana. On November 14, 1993, investigators in Mobile, Alabama, received information of a possible deceased body lying on the I-10 Service Road. Once first responders reached the site, they found a horribly mutilated body of a woman lying unresponsive in a pool of her own blood. While the body was decapitated, an initial medical examination noted severe injuries all over.

Besides, reports mention that the victim’s sex organs were severely maimed while her breasts were completely severed. The battered condition of the body made it quite difficult for the police to identify the body, and they were also unable to locate the head. Hence, law enforcement officials returned to the site with sniffer dogs on November 15, and once the head was discovered, investigators used dental records to identify the victim as Renee Bergeron. Later, an autopsy determined that Renee was beaten mercilessly before the killer used a knife to mutilate her body until she died.

The Murder of Renee Bergeron Remains Unsolved

The initial investigation into Renee Bergeron’s murder was pretty challenging as law enforcement officials did not have any leads or witnesses to work with. A thorough search of the crime scene did not reveal much forensic evidence, and the mutilated condition of the body made it difficult for the coroner to come up with a specific lead that might lead to the suspect. Still, authorities canvased the area where the body was found and appealed to the public to come forward with any information they might have.

Image Credit: TV5

However, while most tips led to a dead end, detectives found it difficult to locate the victim’s acquaintances, which further slowed the investigation. Eventually, the police were led to a man named Maurice Hill, who claimed to be Renee’s roommate at the time of her murder. Maurice appeared pretty devastated by the news, but detectives were determined to cover all their tracks. Hence, even though the roommate insisted on his innocence and claimed he was not involved in the homicide, the cops made him undergo a polygraph test, which he passed.

Subsequently, Maurice informed the cops that while Renee was last seen on November 13, she appeared pretty scared in the days leading up to her death and that he assumed the homicide was drug-related. He even went on to state that about two months before the incident, Renee had been performing at clubs in Chicago and Texas, and he believed she might have angered someone there, which led to her murder.

Surprisingly, attorney Rick Williams, who knew Renee well, also mentioned that the murder might be related to drug abuse as he thought the victim mixed with the wrong crowd who wanted to make an example out of her. In the meantime, the police also looked into Renee’s children, especially her daughter, Amanda Campos, but since she was ten at the time of the murder, investigators soon ruled her out as a person of interest.

Unfortunately, the case hasn’t witnessed any progress since then, even though the police currently consider it an open investigation. Besides, law enforcement officials have also appealed to the public for help, imploring anyone with any information to step forward. In the meantime, a freelance investigator claimed that she had managed to narrow down the list of bars Renee was spotted in moments before losing her life. However, the lead did not lead to an arrest, although Renee’s children are still eager to know the truth behind their mother’s death.

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