Renegade Nell: All Sites Where the Disney+ Show is Shot

Written by Sally Wainwright, ‘Renegade Nell’ introduces us to the titular protagonist, who lives life as a bandit after being framed for murder. Nell Jackson is granted superpowers by a spirit named Billy Blind and bests anyone who comes after her in combat. However, when she takes up the quest to save Queen Anne, she is led down a tumultuous path of fate that intersects with the political struggles taking place across European battlefields.

The Disney+ action-adventure series transports us to a fantastical Georgian-era England with magical elements added to the narrative. The cinematography treats us to cinematic shots of the rolling verdant and forest landscapes that Nell traverses on horseback. With the show’s episodes seemingly set in a fairytale landscape, curious fans may seek out the real-world filming sites behind the camera.

Where is Renegade Nell Filmed?

‘Renegade Nell’ is filmed in and around London and Kent County in England. Shooting takes place in a studio and built sets, as well as on location with the forests and rolling English landscapes in the background. Principal photography began in July 2022, under the tentative title ‘The Ballad of Renegade Nell,’ and was wrapped up 9 months later for season 1.

Lead actress Louisa Harland had to undergo three months of fight training and horseback riding to prepare for the role of Nell Jackson. While filming, she sometimes faced rigorous conditions, such as being dunked in a puddle for two days of shooting at night. She also met with a minor accident while cameras were rolling on a fight sequence. “I once got hit in the face with a double-edged sword by Adrian Lester, and I loved it!” Louisa said in an interview. “They definitely used that take [in the show], so yeah, that was the most memorable bit from the stunts.” Allow us to take you through the filming locations employed in the creation of the show’s backdrops.

London, England

The production of ‘Renegade Nell’ is primarily based out of London and its surrounding territory, which are focal points of its shooting process. When asked about scouting for locations, director Ben Taylor told HELLO! at the World Premiere: “We looked at and shot in almost every possible forest in and around London. So it’s a real mix of exteriors. The stately homes were the usual fare that you’ve seen in other stuff before but we wanted to frame them in a different way.”

The production team set up shop in Ealing Studios to create elaborate sets of 18th-century England. Located at Ealing Green next to Walpole Park, the facility holds the title of the oldest continuously working studio facility for movie production in the world. It has five sound stages, with the larger ones reaching 10,000 square feet. The more than century-old studio has kept pace with the modernization of filming technology and has two small stages oriented towards camera tests, pack shots, and VFX. For ‘Renegade Nell,’ the facility is likely used for special effects work and building sets for interior scenes.

Oxfordshire, England

The vast fields and forests of Oxfordshire became the main shooting locales for ‘Renegade Nell.’ Situated in the southeast region of England, the county was used for both on-location shooting in its wilderness as well as for creating elaborate sets of 18th-century English villages.

Kent County, England

The film crew ventures to a couple of historic sites within Kent County, also known as the Garden of England. For the first season, shooting took place at Dover Castle, an iconic medieval fortress that overlooks the English Channel. Situated in the coastal town of Dover, the castle can be seen in the show when Nell visits a fortress-like backdrop. The antiquated site has a history dating back to the 11th century. It has been strategically significant throughout English history, particularly during times of war.

For additional on-location shooting around historical sites, the production crew travels to Penshurst Place, a historic manor house located in Penshurst, Tonbridge. The property has been the ancestral home of the Sidney family for over 460 years. The manor’s stunning gardens, Tudor architecture, and well-preserved interiors offered a richly atmospheric setting for the show’s scenes depicting aristocratic households or lavish estates.

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