Renovation 911’s Kirsten Meehan Everything We Know

Image Credit: Kirsten Meehan/Instagram

HGTV’s ‘Renovation 911’ is an exciting home improvement show that follows expert builders, restoration experts, and sisters Lindsey Uselding and Kirsten Meehan, who take on emergency home restoration projects for homeowners in need. Throughout the show, Lindsey and Kirsten visit properties that have been severely affected by a disaster.

Moreover, apart from fixing the damages, their job entails reassuring the homeowners and even taking care of logistics and insurance. Since both sisters are new to reality TV, fans are eager to know more about their lives in general. Well, here’s everything we know about Kirsten Meehan.

Kirsten Meehan’s Age, Family, and Background

Kirsten Meehan is a native of Edina, Minnesota, and prefers to keep her age under wraps. However, both she and her sister, Lindsey Uselding, belong to a close-knit family and have been the best of friends since childhood. When talking about their younger years, both mentioned that they were almost inseparable and even shared a room together despite others being available.

Kirsten reportedly discovered her love and passion for renovation and design when she took on a summer internship with the Plymouth-based restoration company Ungerman. Even though she was just a teenager back then, Kirsten was fascinated by the work and was determined to turn it into her living. After graduating from high school, she joined the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Arts.

On top of it, Kirsten even spent a semester abroad at Australia’s Murdoch University, where she specialized in Communications. Although Kirsten’s degree had nothing to do with her passion, her loved ones have always been quite appreciative and encouraging of her dreams. On top of it, the restoration agency, Ungerman Inc., was her family business, and she grew up surrounded by building and renovation experts. Hence, it wasn’t difficult for her to change her field once she felt the time was right.

Kirsten Meehan’s Profession

Since Kirsten Meehan shares an incredible bond with her loved ones, it was natural for her to join the family business, Ungerman Inc., right after graduation. Sources mention that Kisten graduated in 2004 and, in the same year, joined her family business as a project manager. However, determined to explore the professional field, she began working full-time as a High School Sprint Coach at Edina Public Schools in 2008.

Although she held on to her position as a coach for four years, Kirsten continued working as a project manager for Ungerman Inc., which required her to coordinate with several employees and sub-contractors. Eventually, in March 2017, she and her sister, Lindsey, were made the Estimators/Co-Owners of Ungerman Inc.

At present, Kirsten continues heading Ungerman Inc., and she even takes special pride in helping her customers decide on how they want to change or customize their homes. Additionally, she holds a contract with RTR Media, which made it possible for her to appear on the HGTV show ‘Renovation 911.’ On top of it, Kirsten and Lindsey also own and operate their brand, Practical Home.

Kirsten Meehan’s Husband

Even though Kirsten lives an extremely busy life and has an impressive professional career, we are happy to report that she is happily married to her long-time husband, Ted Meehan. Ted and Kirsten appear very much in love as the HGTV star’s social media profile is chock full of the memories they make together, and the two even celebrated their 14th anniversary in January 2023.

Besides, readers will be delighted to know that Kirsten and Ted are proud parents to two wonderful kids, and they often take time out of their busy schedules to spend some quality family time. Besides, Kirsten adores cooking, reading, golfing, and even traveling with her wonderful family, and we wish her the best for the years to come.

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