Renovation 911’s Lindsey Uselding: Everything We Know

Image Credit: Lindsey Uselding/Instagram

HGTV’s ‘Renovation 911’ is an exciting home improvement reality show that revolves around sisters Lindsey Uselding and Kirsten Meehan as they take on emergency renovation projects for properties destroyed in a disaster. Both Lindsey and Kirsten are experienced builders as well as expert renovators, which encourages them to take on even the most challenging of projects.

On top of that, the two are pretty compassionate and kind when dealing with homeowners, as they know how difficult it can be to live through a disaster. Still, as with most new reality stars, fans are pretty eager to discover more about Lindsey’s life. Well, worry not because here’s everything we know about Lindsey Uselding.

Lindsey Uselding’s Age, Family, and Background

Although Lindsey prefers to keep her age under wraps, she was born into a loving family and was brought up in Edina, Minnesota. When talking about her loved ones, Lindsey mentioned that she had been surrounded by caring parents all her life, and they have always supported her dreams and aspirations. Besides, Lindsey and Kirsten’s family owns the Plymouth-based restoration company Ungerman Inc., which helped the sisters discover their passion for home improvement and even allowed them to grow up in an environment surrounded by expert renovators.

In fact, Lindsey mentioned that her father insisted on treating everyone as family, as a result of which, they were pretty close to the people who worked at Ungerman Inc. On the other hand, Lindsey shares an incredible and intimate bond with her sister, Kirsten, as the two have been inseparable since childhood. in fact, sources mention that the sisters preferred to share the same room, even when there were numerous others available.

Interestingly, when it came to her career, Lindsey chose not to follow her family business and instead was determined to carve her own path. Hence, after high school, she decided to pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Human Resources, Management, and Marketing from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. However, one can argue that Kirsten’s love for home renovation went a long way toward Lindsey’s decision to change career paths later in life.

Lindsey Uselding’s Profession

Although Lindsey was initially rejected by Target as an intern, she joined the company as an Executive Store Leader after graduating from university. Naturally, it did not take long for Lindsey to climb the ladder, and she was promoted to the position of Store Director in August 2006. Furthermore, in August 2012, she was made the Manager of Store Communications, but Lindsey chose to leave Target the following year in order to join Ungerman Inc. as an Operations Manager.

Interestingly, Lindsey claimed that she was in the middle of planning out an entire corporate career when her father visited her and asked her if she would like to join the family business. He even put out a list of pros and cons in front of Lindsey, and once she realized that the pros outweighed the cons, she decided to use her experience in order to help the business grow further.

On top of that, once in Ungerman Inc., Lindsey found a perfect partner in her sister, Kirsten, and together, the two took the business to new heights. Subsequently, in March 2017, Lindsey became the Vice-President and co-owner of Ungerman Inc. and runs the business alongside her sister to this very day. Besides, Kirsten and Lindsey also launched their own brand, Practical Home, in October 2022 and are looking forward to a career in reality television.

Lindsey Uselding’s Husband

We are happy to report that Lindsey Uselding has a wonderful personal life and is happily married to Nate Uselding. While Lindsey and Nate love making beautiful memories together and sharing them on social media, they are also proud parents to two wonderful daughters. Besides, even while leading highly hectic schedules, the reality star and her husband take time out to spend with their family.

It is genuinely heartwarming to witness them enjoy their lives to the fullest. Hence, with Lindsey destined to reach greater heights with her appearance on HGTV, we would like to wish her the best for the years to come.

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