Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 3 Recap: Expert and Girlfriend

In ‘Rent-A-Girlfriend’ season 3 episode 3 titled ‘Expert and Girlfriend,’ Kazuya learns that the crowdfunding for the film is not going great and he needs to do something to turn things around. When Mini learns about this, she comes up with a very intelligent strategy, hoping that it will help Kazuya and Chizuru. Later Mini gets to spend some time with Ichinose alone and that is when she tells her that Kazuya loves her.

Mini Helps Kazuya With Crowdfunding

Once the script is finally prepared, Kazuya gives it to Chizuru so that she can start memorizing her lines and prepare for her role. Kazuya is quite concerned about whether she will like the story or not. The following day, the duo meets Tsubame-san at a restaurant. He later informs Chizuru that Kazuya really pleaded in front of him to get him onboard for the project, which shows how much he cares for her and the film.

When Kazuya checks the recent growth of money raised on the crowdfunding project, he is shocked to notice that the progress has slowed down significantly. If this continues they will never be able to pull off the ambitious project. When Mini learns about this, she asks Kazuya to give her all the analytical data so that she can analyze everything and come up with a strategy.

The following day, she holds a meeting with Kazuya, Chizuru, and Ruka in which she points out the reasons for the slow progress in raising funds. Mini then tells them that they need to focus on distributing fliers to as many people as possible and also attract more contributors by promising them some of Chizuru’s personal belongings. Kazuya does as he is told and distributes fliers at a public place. That’s when he meets Sumi who also helps him selflessly.

How Does Mini Try to Bring Chizuru Closer to Kazuya?

Since Mini wants to collect the personal belongings of Chizuru so that they can be later given to the people who have funded the production of the film, she visits her apartment to have a look. She is quite impressed by Chizuru’s lifestyle and compliments her on it. But deep down she has other motivations to get closer to her. Although Chizuru is completely clueless, Mini is still quite serious about bringing her and Kazuya closer to each other so that they can finally start dating seriously.

But Mini approaches the situation quite smartly and does not directly talk about it. She looks around the room and finds a red dress that is quite provocative. Chizuru is naturally embarrassed and immediately snatches it from her. Although Mini feels that it can be a premium reward for some of the top contributors to the fundraiser, Chizuru is adamant that it would be really inappropriate. While she is putting it away, Mini’s eyes fall on three pink drawers. It turns out that they contain Chizuru’s undergarments.

Mini appears to be interested in giving them as rewards as well but Chizuru naturally would not even let her have a look inside. The two do not really find anything useful and have a brief fight as well. But when they sit back and talk quietly, Mini finally brings up the topic of relationships. She inquires whether Chizuru is dating someone right now. Ichinose confesses that she is too busy with work and does not really have any time for it. This excites Mini as she thinks that Kazuya really has a shot with her.

Mini directly brings Kazuya into the discussion and asks Chizuru if she would like him to be her boyfriend. Ichinose opens up about him and confesses that he is a really nice guy. Initially, she had felt that he was not reliable at all but now she appears to really value his presence. Mini takes this chance and tells her that Kazuya really loves her. Chizuru is shocked and argues that he will never seriously date a rental girlfriend like her. But Mini points out all the sacrifices he has made for her over the months. It remains to be seen how successful she is going to be, but Mini is taking a very direct approach to ensure that Chizuru and Kazuya end up together.

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