Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 3 Finale Recap and Ending, Explained

In ‘Kanojo, Okarishimasu’ 3rd Season or ‘Rent-A-Girlfriend’ season 3 episode 12 titled ‘Ideal Girlfriend and Girlfriend,’ Kazuya gives Mizuhara the much-needed emotional support and she finally weeps freely for her grandparents. The following day, he feels conflicted about the date and wonders if he should have talked about his idea of an ideal girlfriend with Chizuru. When Yaemori learns that the duo had a decent date the previous day, she asks Kazuya to ask Mizuhara out on a date. Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Kanojo, Okarishimasu’ 3rd Season ‘Rent-A-Girlfriend’ season 3 episode 12. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 3 Finale Recap

After Kazuya sees Mizuhara crying, he goes closer to her hoping to give her a shoulder to cry on. But Chizuru is quick to realize that he is approaching and immediately starts acting cheerful and happy. Kazuya knows that she is struggling but Mizuhara continues to keep a brave face. The duo then talks and he tells her what her ideal girlfriend is going to be like. Everything he says, Kazuya keeps thinking about Chizuru the whole time. 

After Kazuya mentions that he would like his girlfriend to be able to cry in front of him, Mizuhara finally breaks down and hugs him. She weeps until her voice gives out and appears to truly feel the magnitude of her loss at that moment. The following morning, Kazuya feels quite confused about the previous night, and appears to bemaon the fact that he said what he said about the ideal girlfriend. As Kazuya is lost in his thoughts trying to figure out what he should do, he notices something. 

When he turns to his left, he is shocked to find Yaemori sitting next to him. It turns out that she entered the apartment as the door had been unlocked since the previous night. She asks about Kazuya’s date with Chizuru and is quite happy to learn that the duo spent the whole day together. Yaemori advises Kazuya to tell Chizuru his feelings and ask her out. But Kinoshita feels that it is not the appropriate time to ask something like that as Mizuhara needs his emotional support. 

Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 3 Finale Ending: Does Kazuya Ask Chizuru Out?

When Kazuya is getting out of his apartment, he is surprised to run into Mizuhara. He is conflicted since he feels that instead of asking her out, he should provide her a shoulder to cry on. After recalling the previous night, he is about to tell her that he is there for her. But even before he could say what he wanted, Mizuhara cuts him off. She instead reminds him that the film they made will premiere in the upcoming weekend. Chizuru is back to being stoic again and talks about her confusion over the dress she should wear on the occasion.

After a short discussion, the two of them head back to their apartments. Kazuya is shocked since he feels that Chizuru has forgotten about the last night. But all of a sudden he has another thought. He feels that Mizuhara’s tears were all just an act. She has previously told him how she tries to put her customers first and since Kazuya has mentioned that his ideal girlfriend can cry without shame in front of him. While he is losing his mind, Mizuhara in the neighboring apartment sits in front of her grandfather and grandmother’s photos. She talks to them and tells them that Kazuya is not his boyfriend.

This means that Mizuhara did not listen to Kazuya’s advice and never revealed to Grandmother Sayuri the truth about their relationship. She recalls the previous night and does not regret crying in front of him but does feel that she was being unprofessional. A few days later, the premiere of the movie goes really well and the audience appears to like it. After the show, the director talks to Mizuhara and tells her how much Kazuya worked hard to make sure that the projector reaches the hospital so that Grandmother Sayuri can watch the film. Chizuru appears to appreciate what Kazuya has done for him and they walk back home together. In spite of Yaemori’s insistence, Kazuya cannot gather the courage to ask Mizuhara out.

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