Review: Altered Carbon Season 2 Episode 6

If given a second life, would you do it differently? Would you change the decisions that led to all your problems and the death of your loved ones? Or would you rather take the pain and all the trouble that came with it for the sake of love? The answer is not so simple for Takeshi Kovacs.

The past version of him that Carrera brought back is still the same person. He might hate his other version for killing his sister, but he is still the same person who killed his own father. He doesn’t know what adverse role Carrera, aka Jaeger, had played in his life, and that of his sister’s, but once he comes to know about the truth, he is bound to react the same way. And he might not be in love with Quellcrist yet, but he is still the same person who eventually fell for her.

Considering all this, the decision to have sent him after her seems rather reckless on Carrera’s part. He thinks his continuous whispering in Kovacs’ ears will prevent him from falling to the charm of Quellcrist Falconer, and with her in the grips of a mysterious ailment, we tend to agree with him. However, one must never underestimate their abilities to repeat past actions, mistakes or otherwise.

Altered Carbon Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

After throwing the Mackie-version off the cliff, Kovacs makes his way to Quell to follow through the orders of capturing her and getting her stack. However, once he sees her, he realises that making her talk in virtual would be impossible. If she is in love with the sleeve that he has worn, he could manipulate her into telling him where the weapon is. So, that’s what he does.

While this happens, Quell finds her way to the lake where she starts to remember her past. One bit after another, all her memories come out and it looks like she is back again. When she finds the old Kovacs in front of her, she takes him to the place where she had been held for so long and where she has hidden the weapon that everyone is looking for.

Altered Carbon Season 2 Episode 6 Review

Over the course of its first three episodes, ‘Altered Carbon’ created the mystery that we were eager to figure out. The last time around, everything had come full circle. There were red herrings and presumptions could be made about what was actually going on. In the end, the picture turned out to be completely different, and that’s where the story had surprised us. We enjoyed the experience, but also learnt from it, which is why this season seems easier to crack, on a lot of fronts, if not all of them.

By the fourth episode, we had enough to make conclusions about certain characters and what their secrets were. The episodes after that have proved us right, one after another. The involvement of Danica Harlan with the war had been touched upon before, and by now, the audience knows to make a note of things and draw conclusions of their own.

To the credit of the series, we are given enough breadcrumbs to follow and the twists aren’t just dumped on us for the sake of it. The build-up with each step is great, and along with these bits that we receive to create the picture by ourselves, we also receive something else in return that keeps us going for the next episode, rather than just giving up the season because we have already cracked enough of the code.

Putting Kovacs in different sleeves and with the personality that projects the difference in their experiences and the story that one has lived through and the other hasn’t also presented the contrast between the CTAC soldier and the Quellist rebel. It also puts us in the same position, giving us another go at watching Quellcrist Falconer in action, and re-discovering her magnetic personality that Kovacs was attracted to, along with all the other people who joined the rebellion.

The episode might be named ‘Bury Me Dead’ but it brings back the life into the characters and their history, as well as into the rebellion that seemed to have fallen to the charade created by Harlan.

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