Review: Feel Good S01 E06

It had started out with a meet-cute. Girl met girl, and they hit it off. First came the honeymoon phase, falling fast and hard for each other, the feeling of getting swept off of their feet, or the time when they had nothing to hold against each other, when it was all happy and good. The next step, the one where they decide to move in, is what opened the door of reality to them.

The blasts from the past started coming to light. Fear and flaws, anxiety and embarrassment replaced the initial cosiness. And then came honesty, brutal and upsetting. It couldn’t have gotten any more real than that. And it is in the aftermath of this heart-break that Mae and George get the chance to take a step back and be surer about their feelings for each other.

Feel Good Episode 6 Recap

After the break-up, Mae and George recuperate in their own manners. While George receives the company of the worms gifted by Phil, Mae spends her time in the company of Lava. The pain of being dumped by George and the guilt of betraying Maggie by sleeping with her daughter leads Mae on a downward spiral and she finds an unlikely partner in this journey. George too channels her anger of a broken heart in her workplace and eventually decides to do something about the break-up.

Feel Good Episode 6 Review

In its last episode, ‘Feel Good’ focuses on the aftermath of the break-up. Mae tries to find solace with Lava, but it is not the same. Instead of calming down, it makes her even more agitated because, now, she can’t face Maggie, the only person who had been her rock through it all. So, Mae doesn’t have a girlfriend anymore. She can’t talk to her sponsor, who was her best, if not the only, confidant. Her parents are in Canada, and even if she could talk to them, it wouldn’t be until she thought she had absolutely no other choice.

In the absence of any support system, Mae unravels and goes down the same path that she had left behind after so much struggle. Her relapse blurs her thought process, and she makes questionable choices, finding herself alone at the end of it. Meanwhile, George too considers her life without Mae. She finds her friends too tasteless and misses the support that she should have had after a hard break-up. The homophobic comment by one of her students leads her to lash out. An advice from Phil makes her revisit the decision that looks rather hasty in retrospect.

‘Feel Good’ had tackled the grounds of Mae and George’s love story and their personal struggles along the way in a balance of sincerity and humour. Each episode centred itself around some issue that hits some soft spots and pushes its characters to test their boundaries, be it as a couple or as an individual, while also throwing the viewers into a deep thought for their own self. It was about the internalised issues that make us question ourselves, and it also focused on the trade-off between all sorts of addictions that we keep jumping to and from. But none of it was ever without a laugh, or at least an easy smile in an emotionally heavy moment.

In the last episode of the season, ‘Feel Good’ leaves its audience with the same thing. The episode stirs emotions, especially when it comes to the characters clinging to their own poisons, but to balance out that intensity, it gives us an ending that feels like a warm blanket on a chilly night.

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