Review: ‘My Holo Love’ is a Sci-Fi K-drama With Heartwarming Plot

My Holo Love Season 1

For years, we have seen several films and shows that have highlighted the impact that Artificial Intelligence can have on us. In the present world, the real effects of AI-based technologies are far from devastating in any way, but in the world of fiction, these often prove to be a lot more sinister and more often than not, also pose a threat to the very existence of humanity. In contrast, there are movies like ‘Her’ that, instead of antagonizing AI, take an unabashed look at eternal love where a human forms an unusual relationship with an AI-based entity.

Netflix’s new Korean drama ‘My Holo Love’ very well reminds you of ‘Her.’ Although it still lacks the sincerity and eccentricity of ‘Her’, just like the movie, it reimagines a world where technology has gone so far that humans can potentially fall for advanced AI holograms. ‘My Holo Love’ is well-produced, unique and most of all, it has a pretty decent cast. There are times when its plot drags a little and even meanders into unnecessary sub-plots, but it still manages to tug a few heartstrings here and there and perfectly captures the essence of K-dramas.

My Holo Love Recap

‘My Holo Love’ centers on the life of a young woman named So-yeon, who works as a public relations officer at an eyewear company. Because of her social awkwardness, she is often looked down upon by her peers and spends almost all of her time alone. However, one day, she ends up getting a pair of glasses that allow her to see a handsome holographic man named Holo.

Holo turns out to be an ideal man and more than that, he respects her and treats her like no one else. Unknowingly, she begins to fall in love with Holo while its creators frantically look for it. In the events that follow, So-yeon finds herself in the middle of a complicated love triangle and while she tries to figure this out, a huge conspiracy unfolds in the backdrop.

My Holo Love Review

The series initially begins with the exploration of So-yeon’s character who struggles to find her place in the world. A rare disorder disables her from having a normal social life and she succumbs to her hermit lifestyle and alcohol addiction. But that’s when Holo enters her life and makes her existence a lot more meaningful. While reflecting on So-yeon’s emotional state and her constant sense of loneliness, the show also embraces you as a viewer. It creates a kind of beguiling cinematic world that seems not too far ahead in the future and also has a distinctly fantastic charm to it.

So-yeon’s introduction to Holo marks the inception of an unusual love story which seems to be set in somewhat of a disembodied future, but its key theme revolves around something entirely human: the frailty of love. But soon this delicate meditation of love turns into a jubilant yet cliched love triangle where the focus diverts from the previously introduced sci-fi themes. After meandering around a little, the show reprises itself again, drifting back to where it started by further evolving its electronic ecosystem.

There are also some genuinely heartfelt moments in the series where the main character struggles to continue her inadvertent emotional laceration for her AI Hologram while he, too, starts to slowly understand what she feels for him. Meanwhile, the creator of the Hologram, who looks exactly like him, struggles to make sense out of his newfound feeling for So-yeon and deals with his tragic past.

Even visually, ‘My Holo Love’ is quite mesmerizing with its portrayal of near-future, where people seem permanently outfitted with technology, each locked into their own virtual world. But in the end, as it briskly moves from one plot point to another, it proves to be a battle between head and heart where, as a viewer, you’re left somewhere between thought-provoking conceits and its emotional appeal. Overall, ‘My Holo Love’ is not distinctly remarkable in any way but it does manage to keep you glued to it throughout its bloated runtime of 12 episodes. It is certainly a must for anyone who claims to be a hardcore “Hallyu.”

Rating: 3/5