Review: Ted Lasso Season 1 Episode 2

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Apple TV+ is streaming the show ‘Ted Lasso’ that stars Jason Sudeikis as the newest and the most inexperienced soccer manager for the team called AFC Richmond. Episode 1 introduced us to his kind-heartedness and determination to overcome the obstacles. In episode 2, we continue this on this journey as the titular character tries to make England his new home. 

Ted Lasso Episode 2 Recap

Ted wakes up with the realization of having to adjust to life in a new country. Coach Beard and he go to the stadium, where a very enthusiastic Ted goes to Rebecca’s office with some fresh biscuits. Though she is not a fan of sweets in general, she cannot seem to keep her hands off these, and even tries extremely hard to find where he gets them from. He calls this new ritual “biscuits with the boss,” and through this, tries to get to know her better. 

After this, Ted heads over to the training field, and the team practices a drill called ‘The Exorcist‘ since it is about possession and control. There, he notices that Sam is underperforming. He empathizes with the Nigerian player since both of them have had to move away from their homes for the game. On heading back to the locker room, he introduces a suggestion box so that the players can leave anonymous tips. Most of the chits just call him a wanker, but one states that the water pressure in the showers is really low, which he gets fixed.

It is now his second day on the job, and Ted expectedly returns with some biscuits for his boss. He tells Rebecca that teamwork is of great importance, and is ranked highly on his agenda. He heads back to the locker room and tells Sam that Higgins wants to see him. He then proceeds to collect money for a collective gift for Sam’s upcoming birthday. However, the star player Jamie proceeds to put chewed gum in the box, and it is clear that he does not have any team spirit. When called out on it by his coach, he apologizes and “promises” to do better while making vulgar hand signs meant for Ted.

Keeley, Jamie’s girlfriend, is visited by Ted at her photoshoot to get some advice on how to motivate him. She tells him that the key is positive reinforcement. Coincidentally, there is also a photographer on the scene who clicks Ted removing some ketchup from her mouth.  The match between AFC Richmond and Crystal Palace is finally here. Before the match, Sam is given his birthday gift, which includes his favorite childhood snack, Chin Chin. He is extremely happy and even though the team loses with a score of 4-1, he is praised for his performance. 

Post the match, Ted talks to Jamie in his office and tells him that while he is incredibly gifted, on the field, he is just 1 of the 11 players, and that he needs to find a way to turn “me into we.” Despite their loss, the team is celebrating in the locker room, and Ted asks the boss to join them as well.  The episode ends with revealing the secret of the biscuits— they are baked by Ted every night. Juxtaposed with this is the discovery that Rebecca had asked Higgins to get those suggestive pictures of Ted and Keeley, and now wants them published. 

Ted Lasso Episode 2 Review

The episode does not drag on the challenges that Ted faces at work, and this is highly appreciated as it lends the very conventional story an air of authenticity. He works hard and does so with sincere intentions. He genuinely wishes to improve the standard of the club, and as a protagonist, he makes the audience root for him because of his personality.

The writers could also have dragged out the culture shock arc, and it is actually rather refreshing that they did not do so. Instead of invoking compassion through his hardships, they let his ethos do the brunt of the work. He is proactive in wanting to adjust to life in England. He gets to know his neighborhood and makes friends with a local girl (who is a skilled footballer) and also the owner of a bar. 

Let’s not forget that the show is a sports comedy after all, and the script uses humor as a great storytelling tool. The alliterative jokes are, in my opinion, some of the best that I have ever come across. Coach Beard is usually a man of few words, but these quips make him a more dynamic and intellectual character as the episode progresses. When Sam is feeling low, Ted gives him a toy soldier that his own son had sent from across the sea. But the player tells him that he doesn’t share the same sentiment for the American Military owing to their imperialistic practices. This is truly a show that understands its audience, and this impartial recognition of how one system affects diverse communities is much welcomed. 

The story flows seamlessly, and there is no scene that takes away from its essence or is seen as unnecessary for the narrative. This is a light-hearted comedy show with twists that are subtle but enough to keep one hooked.

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