Review: ZeroZeroZero S01 E01

To run a business, one has to make sure that all the concerned parties do their job well. Everyone has a part to play and if even one of them fails to deliver on their end, the whole chain has to suffer. The repercussions of such actions can bring down the entire operation. ‘ZeroZeroZero’ begins with this malfunction in one part of the machinery that runs the drug business from Italy to Mexico. There are Buyers and Suppliers, and connecting them is the Dealmaker. The first episode of the show, titled ‘The Shipment’, focuses on the importance of every party coming through on their end because bad things happen when they don’t.

ZeroZeroZero Episode 1 Recap

Don Minu comes out of hiding to reclaim his drug empire in Calabria, Italy. He is old and half-blind and, for a while, he has been feeling a slip in the hold he has over others in the cartel. But with a new plan, he aims to reassert that force and get everything back to what it used to be. What he doesn’t know is that his own grandson, Stefano, is planning to dethrone him. He tried to keep Minu away, but when the old man won’t give up, he has to go about the old way to stage the coup.

The Italians are the buyers and their supply comes from Mexico. Due to Stefano’s schemes, the first payment is delayed, due to which the Mexicans hold back the product. Unbeknownst to them, the Army has been keeping an eye on them, and through one of the men that they capture, they come to know about the meeting, where some other important figures in the business are to join them.

In New Orleans, the Lynwood family plays the role of the Dealmakers. They are the bridge between the Italians and the Mexicans and take care of shipping the product. When the Italians don’t send the first payment, Edward Lynwood keeps things in motion with his own money, trusting that Don Minu will take care of his end of the things in a couple of days. His daughter, Emma, is not so sure about this plan, and his son, Chris, who suffers from a terminal disease, watches the whole thing from a distance because his father doesn’t want him to be a part of this world.

ZeroZeroZero Episode 1 Review

In its first episode, the show does not hold back. It keeps jumping from one place to another, and a minor tinker with the timeline also keeps things interesting. While most other shows about drug cartels tend to focus on just one element of the story, ‘ZeroZeroZero’ focuses on the entire machinery. It is not just about one man’s rise to power or another man’s efforts to bring down an empire of blood money. Every fraction is given equal importance and they all come together impeccably to deliver an exciting episode.

The fast pace of it also makes us hopeful about the next episodes. Considering that there are only eight episodes in the series, it is expected that the story will move forward swiftly. The first episode shows us exactly how it is going to be for the rest of the season, and it is very encouraging. Even though the story is divided into a number of segments, they have all been given equal emphasis, allowing us to invest in every part of it. In the coming episodes, we won’t skim over the Mexican part because we are more interested in the Italians scheming against each other, or vice versa. The episode keeps us engrossed in every side of it.

The episode jumps right into the action and offers everything from the intrigue of a man plotting to kill his own grandfather to the excitement of a car chase and shoot-outs. If it captivates us with the workings of the criminal world, it also takes some time to show us the pain it inflicts, especially on the ones who become collateral damage. It winds up the audience in its web, and they are compelled to watch the next episode.

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