Review: ZeroZeroZero S01 E02

After using the pilot episode as the way to entice the audience, some shows take it slow in the second episode, allowing both themselves and the audience to breathe. ‘ZeroZeroZero’ does not stick to that method. It keeps its second episode just as exciting and nail-biting experience as the first one and focuses more on character building than simply advancing the plot. It also goes a long way to convince the audience to not leave until the credits for the last episode start rolling.

ZeroZeroZero Episode 2 Recap

Emma and Edward Lynwood run from the hotel after the Mexican Army attacks the site. Edward is shot but is saved by the bulletproof vest he, and Emma, had been provided with before showing up for the meeting. A car chase ensues as the soldiers try to stop them, but they find their way back home somehow. By the time they reach New Orleans, Edward’s body has already given up and he dies soon after.

Emma convinces Chris to join the business, telling him that this was Edward’s last wish. Stefano tries to intimidate the siblings into giving up their status as the dealmakers, believing his grandfather would be dead by the time he goes back to Italy. But Don Minu narrowly escapes his attackers and rounds up his allies to go to war against the ones who have turned against him. Chris has to carry out the responsibility of getting the shipment to Italy.

After attacking the hotel, the soldiers chase the Lynwoods and Leyra. Soon, the newest recruit realises that his fellow soldiers are corrupt as they distribute the loot of the crime scene amongst themselves. Their superior suspects a mole, and Manuel serves up one of his own to get the target off his back. However, the information about the shipment going to Italy is received and Manuel and his men are forced to attack the ship under the command of their superior.

ZeroZeroZero Episode 2 Review

Picking after the attack at the hotel, the second episode builds further on the situation of different characters and where their true loyalties lie. The Lynwood family faces a grave loss as Edward dies while the business is in a critical situation. In the last episode, he had offered up his own fortune to pay for the shipment, against Emma’s wishes. He trusted Don Minu to compensate it soon enough, but he had no idea what was going on in Italy. His client is too busy saving his own skin, healing from the stabs on his back, to think about the money.

Chris had been intentionally kept on the side-lines by his father, but after his death, the young man finds himself smack in the middle of everything. He has to handle the business that he doesn’t understand much about and has to rely on the guidance of others to get through it. With the betrayals happening all around, one wonders if Chris, too, should prepare himself for something like that.

Speaking of betrayal, the show opens up another chapter in the story by focusing on the narrative of the Mexican soldiers. In the previous episode, they had been tracking the supplier who eventually led them to the meeting at the hotel. Manuel’s hesitation about shooting and staying back from the scene was also glimpsed at to prepare the ground for his story that takes centre stage in the second half of this episode.

His character exhibits a hint of hypocrisy. He prays for the little girl who had died in the crossfire, but he is also working with the drug cartels, keeping them safe from the law. He is an ardent believer of God and his ways, and yet, that is not enough for him to slaughter one of his own men to save himself.

Compared to the first episode, this one fleshes out the stories of its characters even further, giving enough space for two different stories to expand on their own and then merge with each other effortlessly. It neither tones down on action nor on intrigue and keeps us interested in what’s to come next.

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