Where is Rhonda From Too Hot To Handle Today?

Netflix’s new reality dating show ‘Too Hot To Handle’ might have given Rhonda the perfect setting to find a potential long-term partner. Even though the show is about available singles being forbidden from hooking up, it seems like Rhonda was actually waiting for such an opportunity. Judging by her commitment to the process and how well she fared on the series, she definitely became a strong success story. Her personal circumstances not only gave her a chance to embrace the journey, earn some money, and get a boo but also allowed her to step into the stardom of reality TV where personalities like her are a delight to watch!

Who is Rhonda Paul?

The sexy and super-fit woman in her late twenties, Rhonda Paul, is a hustler who belongs to Atlanta. She is not only a restaurant manager and a part-time model but also owns an online accessories store. A single mother to a young son, she loves to update her followers about her family life.


Rhonda’s journey on the show is one of the best ones. She catches the eye of many men as soon as she enters the show. She is the first woman to be courted by two men within an hour of meeting. While David tries his best to have a shot with her, Rhonda can’t help but be charmed by Sharron’s confidence!

Rhonda and Sharron share an instant connection filled with passionate and sizzling chemistry. The duo is the first strong couple to be formed on the show. They embark on a journey full of ups and downs but come out victorious in the end. Rhonda helps Sharron open up about his past insecurities and gives him a chance to heal. He, in return, tries to connect with her son as well through a video call.

Rhonda and Sharron are the first couple to be rewarded for progressing in their relationship. They are sent for a night in a private suite wherein they get intimate and cause a rule breach worth $16,000. But, the couple is cheered on for their genuine connection and supported by other cast members. In the finale episode, Sharron asks Rhonda to be his girlfriend, and she accepts.

Where is Rhonda Now?

Rhonda is back home in Atlanta and can be seen spending some quality time with her son. She also posts pictures of her photoshoots. Her Instagram feed flaunts her beautiful selfies and she seems to be on good terms with her co-stars. It doesn’t seem that Rhonda and Sharron are still dating. Her Instagram account doesn’t hint at her being in a relationship. So, it seems like she is currently single and focusing on her work. She is also fond of volunteering and community service keeps her occupied as well.

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