Rhythm + Flow Italy Season 1: Where Are the Rap Artists Now?

Netflix’s ‘Rhythm + Flow Italy’ explores the talent of various rap artists based in Italy as they try their level best to showcase just why they deserve to win the coveted amount of €100,000. The very first season of the show was as promising as one might have expected. The featured participants quickly captivated the attention of the viewers with their skills both in creating and rapping. As such, the current whereabouts of the artists have become something many are interested in.

Kid Lost, the Winner, Continues Working on His Music Career

We are starting off with Kid Lost, who won the competition thanks to his flow and creative vision. More recently, he has released projects of his own to the world that have helped him gain many more fans. This includes “Quartier,” which became public in October 2023. Kid Lost also unveiled “Preghiera” in December 2023 with an accompanying music video, just like the previous song. Following his appearance in the Netflix show, he also released “Ossimoro” on music-listening platforms for fans to enjoy. With well over 100K followers, the artist remains a fan favorite for many and continues to work on the development of his music career.

Jelecrois us Developing Her Musical Career


The talented Jelecrois, who is the runner-up of season 1, has continued on building her legacy as a musician. More recently, she released her single “Money,” which was received well by many listeners. She has also made her songs from the Netflix series public and has collaborated with various artists in order to make some amazing music. Not only did the runner-up work with Andry The Hitmaker, but she was also proud to be a part of the reality show that helped her represent Naples, Italy, on such a huge platform.

El Matador is Thriving as a Rapper

Dylan, whom you might better know as El Matador or El Matadormc7, was the third finalist in the Netflix series. He has indeed not stopped working on his music, much to the delight of his fans. In October 2023, his song “La Vogli Mora” was released on various platforms, with Ince and Vinshoodstar as featured artists. Given his eye for cinematography and unique approach to rap music, it is hardly a wonder that the song’s video on YouTube had over 321K views.

Spender is Going on a Live Tour

Up next, we have Spender or Gianluca, who has gained numerous fans thanks to his television appearance. Just a few days before the launch of the finale of season 1, he announced that he was going on a live tour starting on April 27, 2024, in Milan, Italy. The tour’s last performance is supposed to be on June 7, 2024, in Cagliari, Italy. He is also an activist who seems to be a champion of causes pertaining to women.

Grein Continues to Launch Songs

Part of the Top, Grein is another artist who easily made a place for himself in the competition. The reality TV star remains focused on his work as a musician and even released a track called “Gladio” in December 2023. Prior to that, he had released “Serbero” in November 2023.

Christian Revo Recently Released a Song

Determined to further his musical career, Christian Revo released a new single on February 23, 2024. The song is titled “Bounce” and has a YouTube music video with well over 30K views. He also remains proud of his work in the Netflix series.

Capozanarky Remains an Active Rapper

Going by the name Capozanarky, Giovane Cazzimma has earned many fans with his music. On February 16, 2024, he even released a project called “Million Dollar,” which has helped him highlight his skills as a musician.

Ince Has Released an EP

The artist, well-known as Ince, has continued to explore his creative vision. In fact, in February 2024, he released his first-ever Extended Play (EP) called “Daje.” The project contains six songs with a total playtime of 14 minutes. More recently, he has been quite happy to promote the songs that are part of the EP.

Fata is a Beloved Musician

Fata is yet another artist who has continued to work on her musical career following her participation in the Netflix series. In fact, on February 16, 2024, she released a new song titled “Le Dèlire” in collaboration with Pegasus Music, which has been praised by many.

Flaza Collaborated With The Season Winner

Having developed great connections with her fellow co-stars, Flaza has continued to show the world just what she is made of. As such, her collaboration with Kid Lost for “Se Dio Esiste” has certainly endeared her to many. The song in question was released on December 29, 2023. On a more personal note, she celebrated her 23rd birthday with much happiness in November 2023.

Yannis Has a Good Relationship With Fellow Musicians

A man well aware of his talents, Yannis Curlyboy, whom you might also know as Yanni$, has worked alongside fellow musicians to provide the world with some great art. In his latest song titled “Clock,” he worked with Benrucito Awoh and Joe Joe. Yannis also collaborated with Awoh for “Primi a Farlo.”

Sir Prodige Has an Impressive Fanbase

With well over 21 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify, Sir Prodige is certainly not an artist one can miss out on. This includes “What it is,” Prodige’s latest song, which was released in February 2024. Given his work on songs like “Aries,” which has been listened to on Spotify well over 2 million times since its release in 2020, it is understandable that the rapper has gained numerous supporters.

Suspect CB’s Fans Are Enjoying His Work

Affiliated with Reggio United, Suspect CB has maintained his creative vision and is never shy about showing it off. With Nko and Exa as producers, he released his song “Manhattan” in late February 2024. Based in Milan, Italy, he also got the chance to work with Ernia on the song called “Georgia,” which was released in January 2024.

Ciro Zero is Looking Forward to New Things

Ciro Zero’s latest single, “Dobermann,” featured DJ Princexx and was released in December 2023 in collaboration with Warner Music Italy. After his reality TV debut, the artist praised his time on the show and promised the world that he has much more to share with the world when it comes to music. Additionally, he teased that an announcement would be made by him very soon.

Nooz is Proud of His Art

An artist sure of his craft, Nooz remains as dedicated to his work as ever. He is on good terms with several of his co-stars from the show, including Kid Lost, with whom he actually started his on-screen journey. His latest song, “Chill,” was released in February 2023, with a music video to go along with it.

Caciah is Focused on His Musical Career

With a unique style and undeniable talent, Caciah, or Dario, has continued to intrigue the world. While happy to promote the Netflix show that has allowed us to know him, he is also focused on his various musical projects, including “Fallo Respirare Sto Rap,” a song released in late February 2024.

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