Richard Galvin: The Glavin Family Sibling is Now a Proud Family Man Himself

While it’s true that one’s mental health issues can unfortunately sometimes lead to their entire family being torn apart, the infamous case of the Galvins has always been much more intricate. After all, as chronicled in Disocovery+/HBO Max’s documentary series ‘Six Schizophrenic Brothers,’ six of the 12 siblings in this brood were diagnosed schizophrenic at different stages of their lives. Yet then there were individuals like Richard Galvin, who had to either endure or witness one traumatic incident following another owing to his siblings’ often unwitting, unstable, volatile conditions.

Richard Galvin Coped By Distancing Himself

Since Richard was born around 1954 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, to art enthusiast Mimi and Air Force officer Donald “Don” Galvin Sr. as their sixth child, his nickname actually became Number Six. “I was always called Number Six,” he candidly conceded in the aforementioned original. “Occasionally, they would call me by my name, but I was Number Six. I was right in the middle of 12.” He thus vividly remembers playing baseball, hockey, and tennis alongside his siblings growing up before they also began engaging in additional outdoor activities like swimming as well as hiking.

But alas, everything gradually fell apart as six of Richard’s brothers ended up developing schizophrenia one after another — he was merely 14 when the eldest of their family, Don Jr., got sick. It, hence, comes as no surprise that by the time he was ready to graduate high school, he’d witnessed a lot of arguments, breakdowns as well as full-on flights at home due to Dom’s illness. However, he ostensibly somehow remained unaware of the abuse stemming from second-born brother Jim towards their youngest sister for a while — he had no idea there was sexual exploitation.

Nevertheless, the situation Richard was aware of was enough to make him seek solace amongst friends from a relatively early age and build some distance with his blood so to feel some sense of normalcy. He even ended up dabblings drugs during the same and lived a hippie lifestyle for a life, just to ultimately start leading his life on his own terms no matter what. He did remain in touch with his loved ones and often visuted as the years passed by, yet his focus was his new personal and professional experiences.

Where is Richard Galvin Now?

While it’s unclear precisely what professional path Richard chose for himself, we do know he’s currently leading a happy, stable, fulfilled life in Denver, Colorado, with a family of his own. He actually tied the knot with his partner Renee Butler in 2005, following which they settled into a good home while also raising their daughter Jaime. The latter herself has two children at the moment, making the 70-year-old a proud husband, father, as well as grandfather who enjoys quality time just as much as he does alone time.

Coming to Richard’s relationship with his siblings, while he doesn’t have a very strong bond with those who have long been diagnosed, he does remain n touch with them as well as all other siblings. However, it is the youngest of the brook Mary Galvin (Lindsay Raush) who now serves as the primary caretaker for the former, kepping up the promise she made to her parents to never abandon them. Richard does support her whenever possible, yet that appears to be the extent of his involvement in their situation at the moment.

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