Riley and Violet from 90 Day Fiance: All We Know About the Couple

Season 6 of ’90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days’ introduced us to US native Riley, who fell in love with his Vietnamese girlfriend, Violet. Even though they never met face to face, they appear to have incredible chemistry and are comfortable. Yet, with most cross-border relationships dealing with differences in habits, cultures, and customs, fans are eager to know more about the two. Well, fret not because here is everything we know about Riley and Violet.

Riley and Violet: Pennsylvania Meets Vietnam

Riley is a lively and down-to-earth 48-year-old man from Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Moreover, he is a retired military vet passionate about cigars and jazz music. Unfortunately, even though Riley appeared to be an incredibly kind human being, he has been pretty unlucky in love. In fact, on the show, the US native mentioned how his heart was broken by several previous relationships, which made him develop trust issues. However, meeting Violent gave him hope for a fresh start in life.

Meanwhile, Violet is a 43-year-old Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, resident who captured Riley’s heart. However, readers will be interested to know that the military vet refuses to say “I love you” to his girlfriend, as he believes anyone he says those three words to will leave him. Still, Violet does appear to be extremely patient with Riley, and she even promises not to break his heart if they ever move towards a future together.

Riley and Violet: How Did They Meet?

Riley’s painful experiences with love made him avoid romance for a while, and he could not trust anyone around him. In fact, at one point in time, he believed living alone was the best decision as no one could hurt him. Nevertheless, Riley’s views changed when he met Vietnamese native Violet online, and the two soon developed a pretty solid bond. Initially, the two communicated over texts and phone calls, and although she was rather affectionate, Riley remained vigilant and apprehensive.

With time, Riley warmed up to Violet, and the two even talked about beginning a life together. Still, the US native refused to express his love for his girlfriend, instead choosing a specific symbol to showcase his affection. While on the show, Riley claims that no one loves him as Violet does, and he believes she is the only one for him. Hence, putting his insecurities aside, Riley planned on traveling to Vietnam to put a ring on Violet’s finger. Meanwhile, she insisted that she would always love him and not do anything to hurt the Military Veteran.

The Future of Riley and Violet’s Bond

Riley and Violet attracted much attention as they appeared to be a pretty wholesome couple who could not wait to start a new chapter together. However, despite the incredible bond they built online, several factors might come between them and a happily ever after. Interestingly, it seemed like Violet was ready to accept Riley just as he was, and she did not care much about his insecurities or trust issues. Yet, this could be a massive issue, as Riley mentioned how he still feels apprehensive about trusting others and refuses to express his love for his girlfriend.

In fact, Riley often worries that Violet might leave him without any notice, and such behavior might get tiresome for the Vietnamese native. On the other hand, the show documented a massive fight between the couple, in which they were quarreling over a text the latter received. Riley mentioned that he had seen a man’s text on Violet’s phone and was sure she was lying to his face. Even though their love was enough to put the altercation to bed, he has to let go of his past and trust his girlfriend to make the relationship work.

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