Ripley: All Shooting Locations of the Netflix Show Explored

Under the creative direction of Steven Zaillian, ‘Ripley’ takes us back to 1960s New York, where a small con artist, Tom Ripley, is hired by a wealthy man to convince his son to return home. Ripley travels to Italy to meet Dickie Greenleaf and is unable to change his mind about remaining there. Instead, Ripley becomes enamored with Dickie’s posh lifestyle and begins to plot his greatest con. However, Dickie’s girlfriend, Marge Sherwood, grows increasingly suspicious of Ripley’s unsettling presence, and his plans are further hindered by a perceptive Italian inspector, Pietro Ravini.

The Netflix crime thriller miniseries is based on the 1955 novel ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’ by Patricia Highsmith and gives the distinct impression of film noir with its moody black and white cinematography, brooding characters, and a 60’s setting. As the show introduces the audience to various aesthetic locales traversed by Ripley in New York and Italy, many would be interested in learning about the real-life filming locations behind it.

Where is Ripley Filmed?

‘Ripley’ is filmed using sites around New York City in New York and an array of locations in Italy. Principal photography for the project began in 2021, and filming for the first season was completed in about a year by 2022. Andrew Scott faced several challenges while shooting during the prolonged schedule of the first season, especially when it came to physically demanding scenes. While the extensive stairways he had to climb repeatedly played into the fatigue, his primary test were the two action scenes on boats that required heavy lifting and throwing in multiple takes.

Venice, Italy

Counted among the most beautiful cities in the world, Venice becomes a primary filming location for ‘Ripley.’ As Tom Ripley arrives in the city and explores the historical structures and interconnected waterways, the show presents some of its most cinematic moments. A unique feature of Venice is its intricate network of canals, and the sequence of Ripley riding a ferry through them was filmed at the Grand Canal. We can also spot the grand Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute in the distance during an aerial shot of the canal. Another noticeable site is the Caffè Florian, situated at San Marco. It is known for its Neo-Baroque architecture and its collection of modern art.

Other Locations in Italy

The production team captures the magnificence of multiple historical locations throughout Italy for the Netflix show. The memorable shot of Ripley climbing a set of dark, wide stairs is captured adjacent to the Comfort Hotel Bolivar at Via della Cordonata, 6, in Rome. We can also observe the coastal city of Atrani in a cinematic shot that presents its antiquated structures nestled between rugged cliffs, right before the camera dips underwater.

The city is situated on the Amalfi Coast in southern Italy, which sees much of the series filmed along it. Actor Johnny Flynn talked about how the location complements the black-and-white aesthetic of the show and contributes to its neo-noir atmosphere. “In terms of the atmosphere that we felt, there’s a darkness, especially on the Amalfi Coast,” said Flynn in an interview. “Crumbling villages right on the sea, and then there are mountains, so there’s huge shadows… All of that is what makes the atmosphere of the story have that Gothic noir quality that’s very beautiful, but also quite eerie.”

The cast and crew ventured further south to Palermo on the island of Sicily, where cameras rolled on Andrew Scott standing at the Piazza Francesco, a square at the entrance of the Basilica di San Francesco d’Assisi. Additional sequences of the first season were captured at the Chiesa di Santa Maria la Nova in the heart of Naples. Ripley stands in the center of the historic church’s vast hallway, which is adorned with intricate sculptures and an ornate ceiling painted in the Renaissance style.

New York City, New York

Shooting for ‘Ripley’ takes place in the vibrant New York City, where the production team replicates the 1960s noir look of the city, similar to the description in the source novel. The first season introduces New York City with an establishing shot that captures its island-like appearance from a distance, and we can observe that there are considerably fewer skyscrapers in the city compared to its modern counterpart.

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