Robert Wagner: Wife and Children

In the aftermath of the documentary film ‘Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind,’ discussions are on the rise regarding Wood’s husband, Robert Wagner, and his alleged involvement regarding the death of his former wife.  While speculations run like a tide, there is also much confusion and curiosity regarding the personal life of Wagner, especially concerning his former romantic relationships, wives, and children.

Robert Wagner has heavily opened up about his life in his memoirs. He has written them with Scott Eyman. His three memoirs are titled, ‘Pieces of my Heart,’ ‘You Must Remember This,’ and ‘I Loved Her in the Movie.’ A detailed look at all of them has enabled one to trace much of Wagner’s former relationships.

He is believed to have had affairs with several actresses like Yvonne De CarloJoan CrawfordAnita Ekberg, and Lori Nelson. His relationships were the topics of much discussion back then. Following his film ‘Titanic’ in 1953, he was in a committed relationship with Barbara Stanwyck, who also acted in the film with him. This relationship was kept under the wraps as Wagner was just in his twenties back then, while Stanwyck was in her 40s. 

Natalie Wood

In 1957, Robert Wagner married Natalie Wood. Their marriage only lasted four years, after which they got a divorce. The couple, however, reunited and got married. This happened after Wood’s divorce with her second husband Richard Gregson and Wagner’s divorce with his second wife, actress Marion Marshall. Marshall had two children from her previous marriage. Wagner and Marshall too went ahead to have a daughter named Katharine Wagner.

Wood already had a daughter from her second marriage to Gregson named Natasha. In the years post-Wood’s and Wagner’s reunion, the couple went ahead to welcome their daughter named Courtney. Even after Wood’s death, Wagner took the legal guardianship of Natasha.

Robert Wagner Wife: Who is He Married to Now?

Robert Wagner is still with his wife, Jill St.John. They married in the year 1990. They were in a relationship for eight years before they got married. Robert Wagner, who recently turned 90 years old, is also a grandfather of both Katie Wagner’s son and Natasha Gregson Wagner’s daughter.

Despite the allegations against him, he is still supported by his step-daughter Natasha, who believes that he is innocent. Though he stated that he was suffering from some memory issues during the course of the recent investigation, he is in relatively good health now.

Robert Wagner Children

Courtney Brooke Wagner

Courtney Wagner is the only child of Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner. She was just seven years old when her mother died. Courtney spent a large part of her childhood traveling with her sister Natasha and father, Wagner. This was to avoid the scrutiny of the paparazzi. Having lived in places like Switzerland at the time, she has grown more attached to her family. However, she is known to have tried to commit suicide twice, one at the age of 14 and one when she was 23. She is now a jewelry designer whose clientele includes Cameron Diaz. However, things weren’t always this smooth for her. She had her fair share of troubles before she found the right path.

In 2012, the then 38-year-old was accused in Los Angeles of suspicion of heroin and cocaine possession. This was reported after gunshots were fired at her residence. Although all charges against her were removed, the reputation stuck around. Her edging connect with troubles does not end here. Her fiance, Max LeRoy was killed in a motorcycle accident. She is close with her sister Natasha, as she has been there for Courtney during her hardships. Courtney has also found the allegations against her father problematic. In one of her interviews, she said:” There are certain people in our lives that continue to drudge up all this speculation and stories every year for no other reason than to indulge themselves.”

She maintains a low profile on social media. She continues to remain close to her family.

Katharine Wagner

Katharine Wagner is a TV personality and also a part-time entertainment journalist. She is the daughter of actress Marion Marshall and Robert Wagner. Her parents got divorced when she was seven years old. She has two stepbrothers from her mom’s first marriage, named Joshua Donen and Peter Donen. Though she attended Santa Barbara City College, she dropped out after a semester. In 1987, she has appeared on the show ‘Born Famous’ with her father.

Katharine has worked with HBO, MTV, and Cinemax in varying capacities as co-host and guest hosts in shows. Most recently, she was known as a host of Wagner was the host of the show, ‘The Starlet’. In 2006, she had her son Riley John Wagner-Lewis with her boyfriend Leif Lewis back then, who she later married. Katie Wagner says that she was close to her step-mother Natalie Wood and she is grateful for the things she has gifted her. In an interview, she said:

” I have like hundreds and thousands of memories. Most of all, I am grateful to her for giving me my sister, Natasha, and Courtney. ”

All three sisters remain close and attend family functions together.

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