Robert Wone Murder: How Did He Die? Who Killed Him?

911 operators in Washington, DC, received an alarming phone call on August 2, 2006, when they were informed about a possible homicide at a local residence. Once first responders rushed to the location, they found Robert Wone lying unresponsive in the guest bedroom with what looked like three stab wounds to his torso. Peacock’s ‘Who Killed Robert Wone?’ chronicles the gruesome homicide and follows the investigation that tried to get to the bottom of the incident. Let’s delve into the details surrounding the crime and find out more, shall we?

How Did Robert Wone Die?

A resident of Oakton, Virginia, Robert Wone was 32 years old at the time of his murder. He lived a quiet and content life with his loving wife, Katherine Wone, and neighbors mentioned that their marriage was perfect. Robert had met Katherine while he was still a law student, and the two remained inseparable till the day of his demise. People who knew Robert described him as a kindhearted and caring individual who never hesitated to help others and always welcomed people with a smile.

Even though Robert was an attorney and a pretty good one at that, he maintained a friendly relationship with most and had no known enemies. Besides, the show mentioned that Robert always wanted to bring change to this world, and while his mettle as an attorney could have gotten him several high-paying jobs, he eventually took up employment at Radio Free Asia in Washington, DC, hoping to make a difference. However, little did he know that a shocking and strange tragedy would wipe out his life forever.

On August 2, 2006, Robert realized that it would get late for him to wrap up work at the Radio Free Asia office. Hence, he called his wife, Katherine, and told her he was trying to stay over at a friend’s in Washington, DC. The show explained that since Katherine had to wake up early in the morning for her job, her husband preferred not to disturb her late at night. Hence, at around 10:30 pm, Robert arrived at his friend’s residence with plans to return home the following morning.

However, fate had something entirely different in mind as 911 operators received a phone call around 11:49 pm, informing them that Robert was dead. Once first responders arrived on the scene, they found the attorney lying unresponsive on the bed in the guest bedroom. Although initial medical examination noticed three stab wounds in the victim’s chest, there was a strange absence of blood, except for a small smear on the bedsheet. Besides, a long knife lay on a bedroom table nearby, but the police later mentioned that it did not match the stab wounds on the victim.

However, law enforcement officers did notice another missing knife from the kitchen, which fit the description of the murder weapon, but was never located. When the body was sent in for an autopsy, doctors noted several needle marks on Robert’s body, even though he tested negative for drugs or toxins. Subsequently, they determined that the victim was smothered before being stabbed to death. Additionally, doctors found Robert’s own semen on and around his anus but found no evidence of rape or sexual assault.

Killer Unidentified: Robert Wone’s Murder Unsolved

The house where Robert was murdered belonged to Joseph “Joe” Price, who soon became a person of interest in the investigation. While looking into his life, the police learned he was in a polyamorous relationship and shared the house with his boyfriends, Victor Zaborsky and Dylan Ward. Surprisingly, when first responders reached the location, Victor and Dylan appeared not to acknowledge the authorities, instead choosing to stay in their own rooms.

When authorities compelled them to gather in a place for questioning, it seemed as if all three men had taken a bath and cleaned themselves before the police got to the house. Nevertheless, upon being questioned, Joseph, Victor, and Dylan insisted that an intruder had broken into their home before murdering Robert Wone. However, the friends claimed that neither had heard the home invader creep up the stairs to the second-floor bedroom, and they were alerted to the incident once Robert cried out in pain.

By the time Joseph, Victor, and Dylan reached their friend, the intruder was nowhere to be seen, and the trio stated that he had fled with the murder weapon. Strangely, the forensic evidence in the room did not match the trio’s statement, as a sudden attack by an intruder would make the victim bleed more profusely. On top of it, a towel near Robert had faint bloodstains, indicating that someone had wiped the murder weapon on it before disposing of the knife.

Similarly, Joseph, who initially claimed to have taken the knife found on the bedside table out of Robert’s chest, kept changing his story, making police believe he was hiding valuable information. Still, further suspicion came to light when a thorough search of the apartment revealed a host of sex toys, including S&M gear as well as a machine that could make a drugged and incapacitated person ejaculate against his will. Hence, even though the police found no evidence of the victim being drugged, a standard toxicology report never tested for traces of anesthesia, which could have been used to render Robert unconscious.

While the investigation found enough evidence to suspect Joseph, Victor, and Dylan of homicide, most of it was circumstantial, and the police knew they did not have enough for a conviction. Hence, the trio was arrested on charges of conspiracy, tampering with evidence, and obstruction of justice. During the trial, the defense found evidence indicating someone had jumped over the wall separating Joseph and his neighbor’s homes on the day of the murder.

It generated enough doubt in the judge’s mind, and even though she claimed to believe that the three were withholding evidence, it could not be proved beyond a reasonable doubt. Hence, Joseph, Victor, and Dylan were acquitted of all charges in 2010. On the other hand, the police also suspected Joseph’s brother, Michael Price, of being involved in the murder. Yet, readers should note that Michael has never been charged with the same.

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