Rocco Siffredi: Where is Italian Pornstar Now?

Image Credit: Rocco's World Official/Youtube

In Netflix’s ‘Supersex,’ the audience is introduced to the world behind the scenes of the porn industry. We follow the meteoric rise of a young man named Rocco Tano, who comes to France from a small town in Italy with the hopes of changing his fortunes while working in the one industry he is most passionate about. Rocco’s obsession with sex begins at a young age, but it is after he is 20 years old that things begin to change for him. The series focuses on his journey from a novice to an award-winning veteran, but it is limited to 2004. What happened to Siffredi after that? What is he up to now?

Rocco Siffredi Today Runs a Boot Camp for Future Porn Stars

While Rocco Siffredi hails from Italy and spent a lot of his early years in France making adult films, he now lives in Budapest, Hungary, with his family.

He is married to Rosza Caracciolo, with whom he has two sons, Lorenzo and Leonardo. Caracciolo is a Hungarian model who met Siffredi in Cannes in 1993. The couple also worked together in a film titled ‘Tarzan X: Shame of Jane.’ The family owns a villa a small distance from the city center, which is described to have been equipped with all kinds of luxuries, including a swimming pool, a gym, and a sauna.

Born in 1964, Siffredi was Rocco Tano before he adopted the name he would henceforth be known by. He has over 1500 films in the adult genre credited to him. Over the years, he has declared the intention to retire several times, starting in 2004, when he was about 40 years old. However, he has returned to performing in films every single time. Now, while he has restricted his presence on the screen, he hasn’t fully scrapped the idea of never performing in an adult film again.

The actor confessed that he has not been involved in front of the screen in any film for a long time. However, he doesn’t want to say “never again” just yet. He has also expressed his desire to work in an American adult film. He said that if he ever needed to do another movie, he would prefer to be in the States, not because he is done working in European films, but because he would appreciate the opportunity to do “something new and special.” In the meantime, he is busy working as a director and producer (having his own production house titled Rocco Siffredi Produzioni) on the films.

Apart from the movies, Siffredi has also been actively involved in cultivating new talent in the industry. He has opened The Siffredi Academy, which is termed a boot camp of sorts for the people who want to make it in the porn industry. The students aren’t limited to the profession of acting. Siffredi also mentors writers, directors, cameramen, or anyone who works behind the scenes in adult films. The academy is close to his villa in Budapest and is said to be equipped with all the important things Siffredi’s students would require to learn the craft. The number of students is limited, with only a handful of people making it to the academy, in which Siffredi and his team teach the students everything from sex positions, the best camera angles to capture them, and how to appear believable and original in the industry.

Apart from his work in the porn industry, Siffredi also owns a business based out of Abruzzo, through which he sells wine. In addition to the porn films, he has also worked in mainstream movies, like ‘Anatomy of Hell’ and ‘Romance,’ among others. Before the Netflix series, he was the subject of a documentary titled ‘Rocco.’ He and his family have also been a part of a docu-reality series titled ‘Casa Siffredi,’ in which the viewers get a peek inside his daily life at his house in Budapest. Apart from these shows and movies, he has also appeared in the Italian version of ‘Survivor,’ and another series called ‘Rocco to the Rescue.’

In addition to gaining notoriety for his work and becoming one of the most successful porn stars in the world, Siffredi has also received many awards for his work, tallying up to 150. He is the receiver of the AVN awards, the Oscar equivalent of the porn industry awards. He has received about 20 Awards for Best Actor/Performer while also bagging around seven awards for his work behind the scenes as the director of the film. In 2002, he was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame.

With his work in the porn industry as a director-producer and as a mentor to the new talent, Siffredi continues to be connected to the industry. He revealed that while the Netflix series deviates on a lot of things and presents a fictional version of events in his life, he hopes that watching the series would give the audience a real idea of what a porn star’s journey actually looks like. He called watching the series a difficult experience for himself due to the painful memories that it evoked in him. However, he believes that watching ‘Supersex’ will let people know that working in the porn industry is “a very tough job” and shouldn’t be picked up simply because you are unemployed and need some money. He suggests that someone wanting to try their hand at it would be better off giving it a lot of thought before putting their thoughts into action.

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