Rogue Warfare: A Guide to Filming Locations

From the directorial mind that worked on the ‘Transformers‘ franchise, comes ‘Rogue Warfare,’ a movie that sees heroes facing a threat like never before. Mike Gunther plays it by the book in the military film, where he brings together a band of soldiers from various countries. In an unorthodox mission, the world decides to join forces and eliminate a common threat – a terrorist leader intent on using a dirty bomb.

While the team members – all of them hotshots with big egos – try to work together, we are given a glimpse into the terrorist’s mindset and why they want to set the bomb off. The ravaged and war-torn country soon becomes an arena for bloodshed as the elite team steps in to stop the threat and save the day. So, where is this battleground where all the action takes place?

Where Was Rogue Warfare Filmed?

While ‘Rogue Warfare’ might bring together soldiers from all over the world, to take down a dangerous foreign terrorist, the movie is filmed in Hollywood’s backyard. According to local news sources, parts of ‘Rogue Warfare’ were shot at Santa Clarita, which is to the north of Los Angeles. Since the movie needs a setting to make it look like a battle zone, the crew did not opt for ordinary locations in the area. Instead, the film was shot at Blue Cloud Movie Ranch, a 250-acre ranch on 20019 Blue Cloud Rd. You can check out a cast member’s photo, after filming at the location.

Portions of ‘Rogue Warfare’ have been filmed at the Polsa Rosa Ranch. The sprawling 750-acre property offers a variety of terrain, making it perfect for this kind of an action flick. Bordered by the Santa Clarita river on one side and the Angeles National Forest on the other, the Polsa Rosa Ranch is ideal to portray a foreign land without stepping out of the state of California. Here’s another image while the project was being filmed there.

Of course, some scenes have been shot in Los Angeles itself. The City of Angels is perfect for projects which want to rely on the studio system. Despite the movie industry’s progress, LA still has some fantastic studios where you can film any scene you want. The post-production process also becomes more manageable, and there are local skilled professionals, who can help in the filming and post-production work like color correction. Moreover, ‘Rogue Warfare’ is a low-budget gritty movie, and to stay within budget, the crew has filmed locally, avoiding transportation expenses. You can check out some action-packed shots from the final days on location.

For a movie that has an international essence – with a global team of soldiers and foreign terrorists – ‘Rogue Warfare’ is a surprisingly local project. However, the crew has made some fantastic choices, opting to portray the areas in and around Los Angeles as a war-torn country. Luckily, they have had access to some beautiful movie ranches, where they have built the necessary sets to show army encampments or terrorist bases. Ultimately, when you’re watching the movie, you’ll find yourself transported to the location, forgetting the fact that it was filmed almost entirely in Hollywood.

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