Ronnie Riddle Death: Where is Roger McCracken Now?

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Neighbors residing in the Southeast Side apartment complex in San Antonio, Texas, contacted the authorities in September 2021 regarding a reported shooting incident. Upon arrival, the police discovered Ronnie Riddle, who had sustained multiple gunshot wounds. Despite being rushed to the hospital, Ronnie succumbed to his injuries within a few hours. Present at the scene were Ronnie’s girlfriend and her mother, both of whom claimed to know the identity of the individual responsible for firing the shots. The investigative process undertaken by law enforcement to apprehend the perpetrator and the subsequent trial has been closely documented in A&E’s episode titled ‘Neighbor Killer of Family Defender?’ on the show ‘Accused: Guilty or Innocent?’

Ronnie Riddle was Shot in the Chest

Born on February 14, 1987, Ronnie Riddle’s early life and family background remain relatively undisclosed. However, by 2021, he resided in San Antonio in the Southeast Side apartment complex, living with his girlfriend and children. Prior encounters with the legal system had marked him as a convicted felon. Reports allege Ronnie AKA Boo Bear had a history of violence, including purported instances of domestic abuse against his girlfriend, but he was never charged or arrested because of the same.

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On the night of September 11, 2021, a distress call to 911 alerted the police to Ronnie’s shooting. Responding to the scene, officers discovered Ronnie’s girlfriend and her mother performing CPR on him. The 34-year-old had sustained multiple gunshot wounds, with two striking him in the chest among the 10-11 rounds fired. Rushed to the hospital, Ronnie’s injuries proved fatal, and he succumbed within hours. Given the public nature of the incident, law enforcement anticipated minimal challenges in apprehending the shooter.

Ronnie Riddle’s Killer Claimed Self-Defense

Roger McCracken, Ronnie Riddle’s neighbor, was swiftly identified by the police as the shooter. Upon questioning, Roger asserted that he acted in self-defense. According to Roger’s account, as he returned home with his wife, Jackie McCracken, and their two daughters, they encountered Ronnie approaching them. Allegedly, Ronnie began hurling insults at Jackie, accusing her of informing the authorities about his domestic abuse and disruptive behavior. At this point, Roger had reached his door with one of his daughters while Jackie and their other daughter remained outside the building.

Roger recounted that as he returned to retrieve his family, he observed Ronnie retrieving a shiny metallic object from the back of his pants, which Roger interpreted as a gun. Fearing for his family’s safety, Roger drew his firearm and began firing in Ronnie’s direction. He explained that he employed a tactic he had learned as an army veteran, aiming around Ronnie to deter him. According to Roger, two bullets struck Ronnie during the altercation. He emphasized that his actions were driven by the perceived threat posed by Ronnie, whom he knew to be violent and aggressive, and his primary concern was protecting his family.

Two eyewitnesses, Le’Travein and Shatoria Dixon, provided their accounts to the police, recounting the events leading up to the shooting. According to them, Roger approached while Ronnie conversed with them on the porch. A verbal altercation erupted between Jackie and Ronnie, prompting Roger to intervene and open fire on Ronnie. Both eyewitnesses asserted that Ronnie was unarmed at the time of the incident, a claim corroborated by Ronnie’s girlfriend. They stated that Ronnie had been attempting to retreat when Roger discharged his firearm. Subsequently, Roger was arrested, although he managed to post bail and await his trial.

His defense team diligently pursued the case, emphasizing Roger’s assertion that Ronnie was armed during the encounter. They uncovered a pivotal piece of evidence: a gun recovered by the police from across the street, concealed under a tire. However, as the firearm wasn’t registered in Ronnie’s name, it underwent forensic analysis. The examination yielded a report indicating the presence of Ronnie’s blood on the weapon. Additionally, the defense team unearthed text messages exchanged between Jackie and Ronnie’s girlfriend, wherein the latter informed Jackie of Ronnie’s possession of a firearm. These findings bolstered Roger’s self-defense claim and became crucial elements of his legal strategy.

Roger McCracken is a Free Man Today

During Roger McCracken’s trial in January 2024, significant developments emerged as witnesses altered and retracted their statements. Notably, Ronnie Riddle’s girlfriend’s mother confessed that while administering CPR to Ronnie, she observed he was carrying a gun. Aware of Ronnie’s status as a convicted felon, she opted to conceal the firearm to prevent potential legal repercussions for him. Consequently, she discreetly removed the weapon and placed it aside. However, one of her grandchildren inadvertently picked it up, prompting her to relocate it beneath a nearby vehicle.

Shatoria Dixon, who previously attributed the dispute’s initiation to Jackie McCracken, altered her testimony, indicating that Ronnie was the one who initially confronted her. Likewise, her husband, Le’Travein Dixon, modified his account, claiming that Ronnie appeared to be under the influence on the night of the incident. Contrary to his previous statement suggesting Ronnie was retreating, he revised it to reflect Ronnie’s arms being raised. However, forensic analysis unveiled that both versions could not hold validity, suggesting Ronnie’s posture at the time of the shooting might have been confrontational.

After deliberating for five hours, the jury reached a verdict, finding Roger not guilty of the murder charge. With no prior records in his name, all charges against him were expunged. Likely working as a truck driver today, he has relocated to a new residence with Jackie and their three children. Recently, they shared the news of expecting another child, a joyous addition to their growing family. Together, they eagerly anticipate embracing the forthcoming years of happiness and harmony.

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