Where Is Room 104 Filmed?

Room 104 Filming Locations

‘Room 104’ is an anthology series that puts the spotlight on an eponymous hotel room that occupies people from all walks of life and showcases their idiosyncratic experiences while they are confined inside the four walls of a murky motel. The series gets its distinctive flavor from the fact that although the inhabitants change with each episode, the room remains the same throughout. Every episode brings with itself, a wave of varied human emotions and experiences, ranging from forbidden rendezvous to revenge, escapes, spirit visits, and the heart-warming reunion of souls.

It has been created by the supremely talented Duplass brothers – Jay and Mark Duplass. Apart from the compelling performances, the HBO show has been critically acclaimed for its beguiling mixture of mysterious stories and a crepuscular setting that elevates the intrigue value of each installment. So, it’s natural for you to wonder: Where is ‘Room 104’ filmed? Well, we might be able to help you out!

Room 104 Filming Locations

To begin with, let’s talk about the features of a traditional roadside motel? For starters, you are not offered premium facilities like swimming pool, fitness center, spa, etc. Instead, what you get is one room in a single or double storied building that has open walkways and exterior entrances. Not the most happening experience but it serves the purpose, right? Well, the show is set in a traditional corporate hotel in the city of Cleveland, in the U.S. state of Ohio. However, in reality, production takes place in California. Here is the exact filming location of the series!

Western Los Angeles, California

The filming department constructed the single room at the famous Sony Pictures Studios. Located at Culver City, in Los Angeles County, a tiny space of the film studio served as a mundane $100 motel located outside of the Cleveland airport.

The production and art department built the 18×22 sized bedroom canvas on a set, filling it with just the basic things – two twin beds, a nightstand, chairs, a television, and of course, a tiny bathroom.


To shoot this ultra-budget multi-genre motel anthology series, the Duplass brothers set strict rules that helped the team to not go overboard, as far as the production budget is concerned. The creators decided that each episode must be filmed in three days. The crew members were asked to finish the day’s work under 11.5 hours.

Production designer Jonah Markowitz and Cinematographer Doug Emmett’s team worked tirelessly to construct an affordable three-star motel bedroom that the viewers could relate to. The compact size of the set created a hindrance at some point during filming but the crew managed to not let it affect their schedule. Emmett had to change the camerawork and lighting to prevent the unwavering location from withdrawing the sense of excitement from the viewers.


With limited props to remove/install and very limited traveling costs, the crew managed to shoot seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4, mostly within the designated budget, under the given time and with absolutely no compromise on the quality.

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