Rosa Mendes: Where is Ex-WWE Star Today?

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Rosa Mendes serves as a testimony to the fact that dreams, no matter how big or small, do come true, especially in WWE. From just being a ringside presence to actually competing in wrestling matches in the squared ring, she proved that with hard work and determination, anything is possible. Having made a name for herself in the industry and becoming one of the few Divas to serve for more than a decade, she made her exit from WWE, making her fans wonder why she decided to retire. Well, to get rid of the curiosity surrounding that question and know about Rosa’s current whereabouts, let’s delve into the details together, shall we?

Why Did Rosa Mendes Leave WWE?

Milena Leticia Roucka, popularly known by her ring name Rosa Mendes, was born on October 25, 1979, in Vancouver, British Columbia, with Czech and Costa Rican descent. She dropped out of college to pursue a career in modeling and ended up becoming the first North American to win a major Latin American modeling contest — Piel Dorada. Inspired by Trish Stratus, she competed in the 2006 WWE Diva Search to realize her dream of becoming a professional wrestler and managed to break into the final eight. Despite getting eliminated later, she got signed by WWE on a developmental contract.

For her first appearance, Rosa was featured as a planted fan in a November 2008 Raw episode, cheering and rooting for Beth Phoenix. Her constant support from the ringside continued for quite a few weeks before she leaped over the barricades and came between the Glamazon and Melina, who was attacking her inspiration. Primarily, this intervention cost her her ringside place, but soon, she was hired as Beth and the intern of her boyfriend/tag partner Santino Marella. Unlike most of the interns who are made to do menial things, Rosa’s internship allowed her to make her in-ring debut in an 18-woman tag team match.

Having learned quite a lot about the industry as an intern and participated in a few matches in the ring, Rosa acted as a manager for Carlito for a short while before she started to fly on her own, getting drafted to ECW, Raw, and SmackDown. Meanwhile, she got involved in several storylines and went through ups and downs when it came to competing within the ropes of the squared ring, not afraid or shy to fight anyone. She then began managing Primo & Epico, with the duo enjoying a long reign retaining the WWE Tag Team Championship.

After taking a two-month break from WWE due to some personal issues, Rosa returned but not as a wrestler. She began managing The Miz while getting involved in a feud with the cast of Total Divas and competing in several matches in the coming months. However, when she announced her pregnancy in August 2015, she strayed away from the ring and started working as the WWE correspondent for SmackDown. Some months later, she gave birth to her first child, Jordan Elizabeth Schubenski, on February 13, 2016. Exactly a year later, Rosa Mendes retired from WWE. Right after her retirement, Rosa opened up about her decision to hang up her boots in an interview with WWE in February 2017.

Rosa explained, “So, as you know, I’m a new mom. Well, not that new, it’s been a year (laughs). But, I just feel like as you get older, your dreams evolve. For years, my dream was to become a WWE champion. And, now that I’ve brought a life into this world, and I’m with the man of my dreams, it’s different.” She expanded further, “…And I want to be here for my daughter. Realistically, being gone more than 300 days out of the year, it’s hard to be a mother and have your own business at the same time. I think it would be impossible for me to give 100 percent to my daughter and my business. And, you have to give 150 percent when you’re in WWE. So, it was a very hard decision, and honestly, as I’m talking to you right now, it’s hard to not be emotional. I’m staying as strong as I can…but this is such a positive thing…”

Where is Rosa Mendes Now?

After WWE, Rosa wanted to focus on her other passion — fitness. She started a new business venture called “Totally Fit Mama” that focused on teaching people about nutrition. She even collaborated with John Cena’s trainer, Rob MacIntyre, for an at-home workout app. In an October 2022 interview with Ring The Belle, Rosa hinted at the possibility of her return to WWE as she said, “I said I wasn’t going to do it but then I thought about it and, you know what, I would do it for charity.”

The former WWE star added, “I would do it if WWE offered me this really good amount and gave it to a charity of my choice for a good cause, and I would do it for that. Yeah, and I’d give that whole check to them.” Moreover, these days, she has been seemingly working as a social media influencer as well, promoting a few businesses on her social media platforms. On the personal front, Rosa Mendes spends the majority of her time with her daughter, Jordan, as the mother-daughter duo travel and bond with their friends and family members.

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