What Happened to Roscoe and Finlay? Did Willa Fitzgerald and Malcolm Goodwin Leave Reacher?

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Prime Video’s ‘Reacher’ brings to life the character and the stories written by Lee Child in an action-packed banger that never lets the audience take a breather. The show dives right into the mystery, always unbothered (quite like its eponymous protagonist) to beat around the bush before unfolding the case before the audience. This allows the viewers to get in touch with the case as quickly as they are familiarised with the characters, all of whom are unique and lovable in their own way. The first season flourishes on Reacher’s interactions with Captain Finlay and officer Roscoe Conklin. But will they be around in the second season? SPOILERS AHEAD

Roscoe and Finlay Go Their Separate Ways in Reacher Season 1

Image Credit: Shane Mahood/ Prime Video

The first season of ‘Reacher’ adapts Lee Child’s ‘Killing Floor,’ which features Roscoe and Finlay as the main characters alongside Reacher. The complicated case in the sleepy town of Margrave leads the protagonists on the hunt for brutal Venezuelan assassins and corrupt officials in their own town. It’s quite a lot to process, and for a minute, it looks like the bad guys will win, but things turn out in Reacher and his friends’ favor. When the case is solved, and Reacher has avenged the death of his brother, it’s time for him to move on from Margrave.

Even though the first season builds a romance between Reacher and Roscoe, his departure means that there’ll be no future for them. While Reacher is accustomed to his nomadic lifestyle, Roscoe likes to be close to her roots. Her family was one of the founding members of Margrave, so when the time came to rebuild the town, she decided to take it upon herself to do the job. The cases of corruption, counterfeiting, and murders left the whole place in shambles, and someone will have to take charge to get things back on track. Roscoe decides to be that person and even considers running for mayor.

Much like Roscoe, Finlay realizes that his rightful place is at his home. He’d come to Margrave running from his grief. After losing his wife, he couldn’t bear to be in Boston without her anymore, so he took the job in Margrave. But with all that happens in the days since Reacher’s arrival in town, Finlay decides that it’s time to move on, if not entirely let go. He reveals that he’s leaving town as well and will be going back to Boston to rebuild his life and himself.

Roscoe and Finlay’s Return is Welcomed but Not Expected

Image Credit: Shane Mahood/ Prime Video

Considering that Reacher, Roscoe, and Finlay go their separate ways at the end of ‘Reacher’ Season 1, it is highly unlikely we’ll see them again. The show features a new case in every season, and because Reacher is not expected to return to Margrave anytime soon, the chances of seeing Roscoe again, at least, are considerably low. Because Roscoe has made it clear that she’s not leaving Margrave for anything, we assume that with time, she’ll only put down more roots in the place; this means that the chances of her running into Reacher in some other place are slim to none.

Things are a bit more flexible with Finlay, who is in Boston, and there are more chances of Reacher ending up in Boston for some case than of him going back to Margrave for anything serious (unless it has to do with Roscoe herself). The creator of the show has expressed the desire to bring back both Roscoe and Finlay, but it has also been made clear that their return will never be forced on the story. If it happens organically, they’ll do it. If not, then much like Reacher, the audience should learn to let go.

While the enthusiasm of the writers to bring back Roscoe and Finlay is commendable, one cannot ignore the possibility that we might never see them again. Every season of the show adapts a different book in the series, and those who have read the books know that Roscoe and Finlay never appear in another installment. This means that bringing them into the storyline will have to be orchestrated by the show’s writers. But then, considering how close the show is known to remain to the books, the probability of bringing back the characters remains unlikely. With all this in mind, we can say that actors Willa Fitzgerald and Malcolm Goodwin will not be seen again in ‘Reacher,’ not in the near future, that is.

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