Rose Perrine: My 600-Lb Life Participant is Now Happily Engaged

Each episode of TLC’s ‘My 600-Lb Life’ is known for introducing viewers to individuals who are on the path of weight loss. Season 12, episode 5 of the show, titled ‘Rose’s Journey,’ follows Rosanne “Rose” Perrine, a woman who wants to change her life both because of health reasons as well as to improve her personal life. Her time on the show was certainly filled with ups and downs, but she showcased a determination that endeared her to many in the audience.

Rose Perrine’s Family Stood By Her During Her Weight-loss Journey

When she started her weight loss process in the show, Rose Perrine was living with her family in Jonesboro, Arkansas. She shared a room with her daughter and lived in the same house as her stepson RJ Hawkins and daughter-in-law, Samantha “Sam” Kingston. The latter would help Rose in many aspects of her life. The rest of her family also often tried their best to help her out in many ways possible. However, Rose was saddened by the fact that her weight was blocking her from enjoying more physical activities with her family. She even confessed that she disliked not being able to join her fiancé, Russell Hawkins, during his long road trips which he undertook as a truck driver.

Rose was also concerned that her heart condition might be getting worse due to her weight. As such, she decided to avail herself of the services of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, AKA Dr. Now. She was joined by RJ and Sam during her first trip to Houston, Texas, where she confessed she had not weighed herself in almost two decades. When it was revealed that she weighed 564 pounds, Rose admitted that she had expected a higher number. After meeting with Dr. Now, Rose started a new diet and exercise regimen. For the first two months, she had the goal of reducing at least 50 pounds. Not only did she keep up with her exercises but she was also often joined by her grandchildren Abby and Alix in the activity.

The month-3 check-up revealed that she had gone down to 497 pounds, which delighted everyone. Dr. Now even asked her to talk with her cardiologist and consult with him regarding the weight loss surgery. However, the next couple of months were hard for Rose. She had become quite anxious about her upcoming surgery, especially in relation to her heart issues. As such, she had apparently started eating sweets and become a bit laxer in her exercise. As such, she was nervous about what the next weight check would be like. Month 5 revealed that she had only gone down to 492 pounds, which disappointed her severely, and she confessed openly to Dr. Now.

That said, she had hopes that her move to Houston would help her on the journey since she wouldn’t be able to access sweets as easily due to the lack of children in the house. Having gotten an okay from her cardiologist, Dr. now asked Rose to lose another 50 pounds. Her progress was back on track, and she was at 449 pounds during her Month 7 weigh-in. She was told that the weight loss surgery was to be done next month, though she should not give up on her regimen and that any additional loss in weight would only be better. She had lost another 12 pounds by the time her surgery came around in Month 9. The procedure was successful, and when Rose came for a weight-in in Month 10, she was at 393 pounds.

Where is Rose Perrine Now?

Hailing from Arlington, Texas, Rose Perrine has earned much love from fans of the TLC series. The former student of Sam Houston High School remains devoted to her family, with viewers having seen her love for her children and grandchildren in the show. Given that her primary motivation for listing weight had been to be more present for her children and grandchildren, Rose continues to shower them with love and affection.

As of this writing, Rose is still engaged with Russell Hawkins. The two are former schoolmates who had reconnected at a school reunion and embarked on a relationship that has helped them create a strong bond. Hence, they ended up getting engaged on June 14, 2022. However, Russell revealed in December 2023 that he had just undergone cancer surgery for skin cancer near his nose on his face. The American Central Transport had been able to return home within two days of the surgery, much to the relief of those around him.

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