Rosi Walden: Buying London Star is an Independent Broker Today

In reality TV, the most dynamic and overt personalities often catch the audience’s eye. However, in Netflix’s ‘Buying London,’ things were different. Amidst prime and super prime real estate agents showcasing their work and daily routines, standing out was challenging due to the dynamic talent pool. Yet, it was Rosi Walden who made a unique impression. She avoided much of the conflict and often played the role of mediator, allowing her presence to speak for itself in a subtle yet powerful way. Not merely gentleness but her patient and mature demeanor endeared Rosi to viewers.

Rosi Walden Tried to Bring Her Team Together

In the first episode of ‘Buying London,’ when tensions flared between Rasa Bagdonaviciute and Lauren Christy over the 16 million euro listing, Rosi Walden found herself in the middle of the conflict. Rasa confided in Rosi, expressing her belief that Daniel was being partial. Rosi, however, didn’t take immediate sides. Instead, she aimed to de-escalate the situation, telling Rasa she understood her perspective and advising Lauren to be mindful of how frequently she mentioned her friendship with Daniel to avoid drawing unwanted attention to it. Her diplomatic approach calmed the situation somewhat, highlighting her role as a peacemaker.

Rosi Walden found herself in the role of negotiator again when Oliver Hamilton and Reme Nicole argued after Oli called Reme a teacher’s pet. Despite her attempts to intervene, she realized the tensions within the group were relatively high. After the group returned from Dubai, Rosi took the initiative to arrange a dinner for all her colleagues, hoping to address and resolve the lingering issues. This effort helped unite the group, and Rosi was proud of her efforts to foster a more harmonious team dynamic. She also informed Oliver that his flirting with Juliana was inappropriate, addressing the issue calmly without attacking him. Her composed approach helped Oli see reason in her perspective.

This interaction laid the foundation for a genuine friendship between them. As they worked together on a listing, their bond grew stronger. Rosi even took Oli for a wardrobe reset, and they had a lot of fun together. Rosi also organized a yoga session for her colleagues, providing a much-needed respite from their hectic lifestyle. This session allowed everyone to calm down and reflect, showcasing Rosi as the glue that held the team together. She fulfilled her professional obligations with equal grace and efficiency. Quick on her feet, Daniel often chose Rosi for prime listings, always ensuring that clients were happy and smiling after interacting with her.

Where is Rosi Walden Now?

Rosi Walden’s career journey reveals her as an accomplished and versatile woman. She commenced her professional journey with a bachelor’s degree in History from the Courtauld Institute, graduating in 2017. Over the subsequent years, she pivoted towards law, pursuing a Law Conversion Degree at BPP University, finishing it in 2019. A recipient of the John Hayes Scholarship, Rosi was standing at the brink of a successful career in law. She started working for Sotheby’s as a graduate trainee in 2017 and was promoted to administrator in 2018. During this time, she was also working as an events planner and starred in ‘Made in Chelsea’ and the rumors of her fling with Jamie Laing caused quite a stir.

In 2021, Rosi embarked on a career shift by joining Strutt & Parker as a lettings negotiator. By October 2022, she transitioned to the DDRE Global team, quickly establishing herself as the real estate advisor for international prime and super prime markets. In 2023, Rosi embarked on her entrepreneurial journey by establishing Rosi Walden Luxury Real Estate, venturing into independent brokerage and advisory services. With the support of DDRE founder Daniel Daggers and her team, she celebrated her first year of success in January 2024.

Rosi’s career achievements have garnered attention, leading to invitations for talks, events, and interviews, including a feature in Top Entrepreneurs Marbella. Beyond real estate and wellness, her digital presence extends to travel, showcasing her enthusiasm through trips to Finland, South Africa, and Switzerland. Additionally, Rosi has ventured into fashion, collaborating with Assya London for their summer and spring 2024 jewelry collection. With a spirited and lively persona, Rosi embraces life experiences where success seems to come to her.

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