Ross and Marshall Von Erich: Where Are Kevin Von Erich’s Kids Now?

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The Von Erich family endured challenging times and their tumultuous story is immortalized in Sean Durkin’s outstanding film, ‘The Iron Claw.’ Kevin Von Erich, the lone surviving son of Fritz Von Erich, has emerged from the ashes, taking a leading role in recounting his family’s narrative. Despite facing an uncertain future, Kevin persevered, and today, he proudly serves as the father to Marshall and Ross Von Erich—his two sons who have embraced the family legacy by becoming wrestlers themselves. Together, they continue to uphold and thrive under the esteemed Von Erich family name.

Ross and Marshall Decided to Become Wrestlers

David Michael Ross Adkisson, born on June 1, 1988, and his younger brother Kevin Marshall, born on November 10, 1992, were part of the Adkisson family, which included two sisters. Growing up, they spent a significant portion of their childhood in Texas under the care of their father, Kevin Von Erich, and their mother, Pam Adkisson. The family faced a profound loss when Kevin’s brother Kerry passed away, adding to the weight of having lost all of his brothers. Feeling the burden of these losses, Kevin decided to make a significant move with his family. In 2006, seeking a fresh start, they relocated from Texas to Kauai, Hawaii, in an attempt to leave behind the emotional baggage associated with the state.

Ross and Marshall had a childhood filled with tales of their grandfather and uncles, witnessing their father’s wrestling endeavors. Alongside these narratives, they were also conscious of the looming “Von Erich curse,” a superstition born from the tragic losses that befell their family in a brief span. Despite this ominous backdrop, the brothers harbored a shared determination to forge their destinies in the world of wrestling. Under the guidance of Kevin, Harley Race, and Noah Dojo, they underwent training. However, it wasn’t until a particular incident in Japan that any lingering doubts about their path as professional wrestlers were dispelled.

In 2012, Ross and Marshall kicked off their professional wrestling journey with Pro Wrestling Noah, coincidentally finding themselves on tour in Japan. During this time, they reflected on their shared experience by venturing to the rooftop of one of the venues, where they etched their names and the year 2012 onto a brick. In a poignant revelation during an interview, they disclosed that upon revisiting the location later, they discovered that their father, Kevin, and their uncle David had also left their marks on the same rooftop.

They said, “While we were talking, we looked on the brick wall and there was a faded scratch mark, and we looked at it like a few times, but then we got closer to it, and it said ‘Kev. Dave 1980-something.’ It rocked us because they were exactly our age at that time … That was the confirmation that my brother and I took that as ‘Okay, this is the door that’s open right now. We’ll continue down this journey until another door opens or until God says otherwise.'”

The brothers officially entered the television wrestling scene during the Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) Slammiversary XII Pay-Per-View in June 2015, marking a significant milestone in their careers. Alongside their involvement in TNA, they demonstrated their wrestling prowess in Action Zone Wrestling based in Oahu, Hawaii. A noteworthy moment occurred in 2017 when, during the Rage Megashow in Israel, Kevin Von Erich joined them in the ring, creating a memorable family wrestling event. In 2019, Ross and Marshall took a major step in their careers by signing a multi-year contract with Major League Wrestling (MLW), solidifying their commitment to the promotion and further establishing themselves in the professional wrestling landscape.

Ross and Marshall Von Erich are Living in Texas Today

Ross and Marshall Von Erich proudly carry on the tradition as third-generation tag team professional wrestlers, feeling a profound connection to the legacy of their family. In 2023, they took a significant step by accompanying their father to Texas, where they collectively purchased a ranch in San Antonio. Recognizing Texas as one of the vibrant hubs for wrestling, the brothers are enthusiastic about establishing themselves in the region and continuing their journey in the wrestling world.

The year 2023 marked their appearances on All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and Ring of Honor (ROH), showcasing their skills on prominent platforms within the wrestling industry. Marshall, now 30, summarized what their journey has been like when he said, “Ross and I both feel like we’re on a mission. The beautiful thing about wrestling is that the longer we’re in it, the more we understand it and love it. So, my brother and I feel like the next chapter is going to bring a lot of exciting things. We’re watching destiny unfold.”

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