Round21 Shark Tank Update: Where Is Round21 Now?

Jasmine Maietta hoped to win the Shark over with her take on artistic sports equipment in season 13 episode 15 of the popular business-themed reality show, ‘Shark Tank.’ Her company, Round21, produces and sells a complete line of sporting goods customized with brilliant artwork that is sure to turn heads. With interest around Round21 now at an all-time high, we decided to jump in and find out more about the company and its progress after appearing on the show!

Round21: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Jasmine Maietta’s life has mostly revolved around the sport of basketball. She fell in love with the sport at an early age and began playing varsity basketball while completing her Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from Bowdoin College. She even holds a Master’s degree in Economics from Trinity College-Hartford and has played professional basketball for the Spanish team, Club Baloncesto de Tres Cantos. Additionally, she has five years of experience as a basketball coach for several institutions.

In 2004, Jasmine entered the corporate world as a Managing Director for CATZ Sports Performance. She later went on to work as a Brand Marketing Manager at Reebok before finding employment as a Global Brand Director at Hasbro. She even served a term as Head of Marketing at Under Armour for over six years. In 2018, Jasmine joined Peloton Interactive as Global Vice President. With Jasmine being involved in the world of sports throughout her life, she wanted a platform that would bring people together through the game. Besides, she even wanted art to bring out the originality in each player.

Therefore, in June 2020, Round21 was born as an amalgamation of Art and Sport. Jasmine initially began her business with customized ping-pong paddles before moving on to include footballs, soccer balls, basketballs, etc. Moreover, bringing new and vibrant designs to the forefront, she teamed up with emerging contemporary artists and athletes in order to make each artwork as unique as possible. Besides, Round21 adopted the drop method of sales, where most collections are produced in limited quantities and made available for purchase at a specific date and time.

Where Is Round21 Now?

Upon its entry into the market, Round21 received positive reviews, and people seemed to embrace the idea of owning sporting goods customized with unique artworks. Moreover, with an ever-increasing customer base, Jasmine began expanding her catalog, which now includes customized T-shirts, sports bags, basketball hoops, backboards, etc. Besides, Round21 got featured in several publications, and Jasmine entered a partnership with the NBA leading to several NBA-influenced designs.

At present, Round21 products are sold on Amazon as well as their own website. The limited-edition drops are announced ahead of time, while a few products are made available throughout the year. Surprisingly, compared to the quality of the artwork, the costs are incredibly pocket friendly as each basketball and soccer ball will put you back by $59. NFLPA licensed footballs are sold for $150, while table tennis paddles range from $115 to $160.

Additionally, other sports accessories also range between $5.99 to $59. Jasmine’s hard work and outstanding entrepreneurial spirit is the main reason behind Round21’s popularity, and we hope the company witnesses further success in the future.

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