Ruby Ridge: Where Are Randy Weaver’s Kids Now?

Image Credit: Sara Weaver/Facebook

In ‘FBI TRUE: Ruby Ridge: The Real Story,’ more details about the sensational Ruby Ridge standoff of August 1992 come out. Retired FBI special agents Dale Monroe, Charlie Rasner and Jim McGee discuss the case where a US deputy marshal, Randy Weaver’s wife Vicki and his son Samuel died due to shootings near their cabin in Idaho. Towards the end of ten days of unrest and negotiations, Randy and his family friend Kevin Harris, who were both injured, surrendered, and Randy’s three surviving daughters went to live with family members.

Randy was acquitted of his serious charges but died at the age of 74 on May 11, 2022, apparently after suffering from some health issues. Randy is survived by his three daughters, Sara, Rachel, and Elisheba, who were also with him in 1992. While Sara and Rachel were spotted in footage from the incident around the cabin, Elisheba was just ten months old at that time and was brought out of the cabin by Randy in his arms. So many years after the incident, it’s hard to imagine someone recovering from such a traumatic incident, which makes us wonder what Sara, Rachel and Elisheba are up to now.

Sara Weaver Is Now a Podcaster and Entrepreneur

From the time when Sara Weaver was 16, holed up in a cabin in Ruby Ridge, and had to watch her mother and younger brother die in front of her, she knew she had to take responsibility. In an interview, Sara said she always loved and respected her parents and wanted their approval, which is why she happily participated in all the household chores even before the 1992 incident. Being the oldest of four siblings, she had always helped her parents out with the younger children without even thinking. But after the shootouts, when only Sara, her two sisters and Randy were left in the family, she automatically took over as the matriarch and felt the need to protect her father and her sisters.

The family was always very close, and as a teenager, Sara believed that everything would be fine if they all stuck together. When Randy was arrested, things changed, and Sara and her sisters went to live with her mother’s family. The family received around $3 million in compensation for their losses, but it wasn’t enough to heal their wounds. Sara kept blaming herself and others for at least a decade after the incident and thought she was broken as a person before she could let it all go and accept Christianity and faith in her life. This helped her forgive the federal agents who were responsible for her mother and brother’s deaths and herself to live her life in positivity.

In 2001, Sara was also married to a corrections officer with whom she had a son. Sara wrote two books about the incident. She co-authored the first one with her father in 1998, which is called ‘The Federal Siege at Ruby Ridge: In Our Own Words.’ Her second book came out much later in 2012, ‘From Ruby Ridge to Freedom: The Sara Weaver Story,’ where she gives her personal perspective. After her divorce, she got married again and was with her partner Marc in 2012, operating a horse breeding ranch near Kalispell. Following her second book, she started discussing the incident more openly since she was ready to talk about it.

Sara still feels the weight of having lost her close ones at such a young age but consciously chooses to think about the good times she spent with them. Now, she keeps her faith alive and is active on podcasts. She doesn’t like to reveal details about her personal life too much but has discussed how the 1992 incident got her much closer to Randy, whom she has described as a loving father. She even keeps remembering her lost mother and brother in her posts. To honor the memory of her mother teaching her how to weave in her teenage years, Sara also recently started a business of handwoven rugs through which she uses her talent to create something special for her customers.

Where Are Rachel and Elisheba Weaver Now?

Rachel Weaver was only 10-years-old when her happy and peaceful family had to face a storm, and she lost her older brother and mother. Her younger sister, Elisheba, hadn’t even completed a year and was just an infant Rachel needed to take care of. Before this incident, Rachel had many people in the family to take care of her, but when Elisheba was born, having a younger sister felt like the best gift for her. During her early days, while Sara helped with the cooking and cleaning of the cabin, Rachel was excited to make baby clothes for Elisheba with Vicki and babysit her sister on any occasion she got.

Following Randy’s arrest, the sisters went to live with their relatives in Iowa but shifted to Montana when Randy was released after serving his 18-month sentence in jail. Even almost a decade after that, the sisters continued to live in Montana. Since Sara was married and lived separately, 9-year-old Elisheba started living with 19-year-old Rachel in Montana because, as Randy mentioned, they liked living there.

Many years later, in 2010, while Rachel lived in Kalispell, Montana, Elisheba started her freshman year in college in Arkansas. Not much is known about the pair after that point since they have preferred to keep their life very private. While Sara is active on social media and does interviews to tell her story, she also prefers to keep the topic of her younger sisters and their whereabouts more private. Sara is still close to them, but she hasn’t shared any information about what her sisters are up to.

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