Smike and Rupert: Where Are Millionaire Matchmaker Cast Members Now?

Patti Stanger’s Millionaire’s Club, a Beverly Hills dating service, is host to Bravo’s ‘The Millionaire Matchmaker.’ The series follows Patti as she goes about trying to match wealthy single and eligible people with dates with whom they’re closely compatible. While she handles all sorts of clients, season 3 got her introduced to the award-winning British film and television director Rupert Wainwright and real estate mogul Smike Wallen, both of whom come to her for help with matters of the heart.

Both men hope Patti will be able to find them suitable partners they can spend their lives with. She has her hands full trying to find partners good enough to match their expectations. But she also points out the subtle drawbacks of their wants and how those clash with reality. However, these encounters are now a thing of the past. If you are wondering where the charming Smike and talented Rupert currently are, we’ve got you covered.

Smike and Rupert Had Unexpectedly Similar Requirements

In the fourth episode of the third season of ‘The Millionaire Matchmaker,’ Patti had been graced by two fun yet unique clients. On one hand, there was Hollywood director Rupert Wainwright and the other was real estate hotshot Smike Wallen. Both men were in their 40s. Rupert was 48-years-old while Smike was 41-years-old. As Patti got to know both men, she realized they both tended to opt for younger partners. Knowing she had her hands full, she got to working, and she decided to start off by trying to get both men to rid of their fancy to opt for younger dates.

In the case of Rhodes Scholar Rupert, he wanted her to help him find the best girl to share his life with. But there was a catch. He had a specific age preference; he wanted his perfect woman wouldn’t be older than 29 years old. When Patti does set Rupert with a date, things don’t turn out as planned. He ends up teaching her to eat in a visually pleasing way. This had left a poor experience for the girl who believed he was too full of himself.

With the charming, intelligent, rugged, and gay Smike Wallen, Patti thought she’d gotten her dream come true client. However, Patti soon realizes why he’s had a hard time, finding someone. He is always traveling. And that has prevented Smike from being able to settle down in a single place, leading to the trouble of being able to develop long-term relationships. Patti set him up with Chad, and the date went quite well. Even though both appeared to be interested, it was Smike’s traveling and work that ended up causing a bit of a problem.

Smike and Rupert Are Happy In Their Personal Lives Today

After their 2010 stint on the third season of ‘The Millionaire Matchmaker,’ both Rupert and Smike, who had contrasting experiences on the show, have now happily returned to their own familiar worlds. Smike’s Los Angeles-based real estate business, called SmikeWallen, has been catering to clients for 24 years through exclusive relationship building and has gone on to flourish just as well. As he continues, to extensively travel the world, he is always available to assist clients in their search for the perfect home outside the country too.

In 2013, at the behest of his loyal clients, he expanded his portfolio by joining hands with Keller Williams Hollywood Hills and becoming a licensed real estate agent in West Hollywood. While Smike has continued with his travels and still enjoys going around the world, he has kept his personal life highly guarded. However, we do know that he’s the proud owner of a cute little chihuahua named Ziggy. He also hasn’t divulged details about his current relationship status. Despite having a social media presence, the real estate giant prefers not to share updates about his life beyond work and himself.

Rupert Wainwright’s content agency, Adore Creative which he founded in 2007, has done well in bridging the gap with content, having produced visuals and worked with award-winning clients. Some of the star clients he’s collaborated with in recent times include Azerbaijan Tourism, the US Department of Transportation, and ESPN. He is quite active on social media and is quite a traveler. Rupert is also a very dotting father and often proudly shares snaps of his three adult children, Maija, Peter, and Maxwell. However, not much is known about Rupert’s current relationship status as the ace director has preferred to remain tight-lipped about the same.

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