Russ and Kimberly Dunnachie Murders: Where is Veronica Dunnachie Now?

From his first marriage, Russ Dunnachie had a fulfilling life and was blessed with a daughter, Kimberly Dunnachie. When he remarried, he embraced his new family, adopting his wife’s son from a previous relationship and raising three more children, including two sons and another daughter. In December 2014, when Russ and his eldest daughter, Kimberly, were found shot to death, the crime seemed incomprehensible. Discovery+’s ‘Evil Stepmothers’ episode ‘Caught in Her Crosshairs’ provides an insight into the lives of the father and daughter and the circumstances that led to their murder.

Russ and Kimberly Dunnachie Were Killed in their Home

Russell Dunnachie, born on June 26, 1964, created a fulfilling life for himself. He secured a managerial position at a restaurant chain and married Diana Gillum. Their marriage was harmonious and pleasant, and on September 29, 1994, they celebrated the arrival of their daughter, Kimberly Dunnachie. Kimberly grew up primarily in Sherman, Texas. However, in 2004, Russ and Diana decided to part ways after exerting considerable effort to maintain their relationship. Despite their separation, Russ and Diana maintained an amicable relationship, and he remained closely connected with his daughter.


In 2006, Russ tied the knot with his coworker from the restaurant, Veronica Castillo, and together they started a new life in Arlington, Texas. Russ adopted Veronica’s son, Derrick, from a previous marriage, and Kimberly quickly found a younger brother in him. Over time, Russ and Veronica welcomed three children into their family: two sons in 2006 and 2008, respectively, and a daughter in 2011. Their life together was filled with joy and contentment, and Kimberly played an active role in caring for her siblings, demonstrating a nurturing and protective nature towards them.


On the morning of December 14, 2014, 50-year-old Russ relished a rare day off from work, and Kimberly had dropped by his house to lend him a hand with chores. After sending his kids to school and daycare, the father and daughter spent the morning together at home. However, in the afternoon, the police entered the residence and discovered both of them shot to death. Kimberly, 20, had sustained approximately six gunshot wounds, while Russ had been shot five times. The cause of death for both was determined to be gunshot wounds to the head and chest.

Russ and Kimberly Dunnachie’s Killer was Arrested From a Mental Health Facility

Police responded to Russ Dunnachie’s home after receiving a call from a man who identified himself as a friend of Russ’s second wife, now Veronica Dunnachie. According to the caller, Veronica confessed to him that she had killed Russ and Kimberly and had taken her daughter with her. Concerned for her well-being, the friend advised Veronica to seek help at a mental health facility while he informed the police.

Russ and Veronica

Investigations revealed that Russ and Veronica’s relationship had been strained in the last few years, particularly after the birth of their daughter in 2011. Veronica struggled with the demands of motherhood and frequently left the children alone or in Kimberly’s care while she pursued her interests. She became deeply involved in advocating for open-carry gun legislation, often organizing and participating in rallies to voice her opinions. Meanwhile, Russ expected her to be more present at home and help manage their finances, as he worked longer hours to support the family.

By spring 2014, Kimberly confided in her father about Veronica’s explosive temper, which she frequently directed towards Derrick, her son. Verbal abuse was a regular occurrence, and Kimberly recounted instances where Veronica had even locked Derrick out of the house in extreme weather conditions. Having witnessed this side of Veronica himself over the past few years, Russ found his daughter’s account believable. Aware of Veronica’s longstanding dislike for Kimberly and the escalating situation, Russ decided to inform Veronica that he intended to file for divorce.

In a preemptive move, Veronica filed for divorce before Russ in October 2014, but Russ separately appealed for sole custody of all the children. On December 5, full custody was granted to Russ. Despite this, Veronica retained visitation rights, and per the arrangement, she picked up the kids from Russ’s house in the morning for school and dropped them off afterward. The police speculated about the sequence of events that may have unfolded on the day of the murders.


The police knew that Veronica had left Russ’s house with her two sons and daughter around 7:30 in the morning. After dropping off her sons at school, she returned to the house, leaving her daughter in the parked car, intending to speak with Russ about their situation. The police theorized that upon reaching home, she encountered Kimberly helping her father, which triggered her anger, seeing her stepdaughter in a place she considered her own. In a fit of rage, she would have retrieved her gun, which she carried with her, and fatally shot both of them. Veronica was apprehended from the Millwood Hospital, a mental health facility in Arlington, Texas.

Veronica Dunnachie is Serving a Life Sentence Today

Veronica Dunnachie was charged with the capital murder of multiple people and was interrogated. She refused to cooperate and insisted on having a lawyer present before making any statements. She remained in custody, and in February 2016, she pleaded guilty to one count of capital murder of multiple persons. She received a sentence of life without the possibility of parole. The 44-year-old is serving her sentence at the Dr. Lane Murray Unit in Gatesville, Texas.

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