Is Rutledge Wood Married? Does He Have Children?

Rutledge Wood is a famous auto racing analyst who started as a karaoke host for a national motorsports company. The car enthusiasts envy his supreme classic car collection, which includes a 1970 Dodge Charger, a 1949 Chevrolet 3100 Thriftmaster, and a monstrous Red Coe Ramp Truck, to name a few. He has successfully built an empire for himself and his family, putting in sincere dedication and decades of hard work. The NASCAR personality has hosted a string of shows like ‘Top Gear,’ ‘Lost in Transmission,’ and a game show ‘Floor Is Lava’ that streams on Netflix. It is hard to imagine if Rutledge has any time left on his hands because of the thrilling work life that takes him around the globe. Yet we were surprised to learn that the talented host shares three adorable baby girls with his wife, Rachel, whom he married more than 15 years ago. Here is everything we know about the multi-talented personality!

Rutledge Wood’s Family and Early Life

The avid car collector was born in Birmingham. He lent a helping hand to his father in buying, restoring, and reselling vehicles. His family ran a small business to make ends meet, and it gave Rutledge a purpose in life. His dad instilled in him the undying love for collecting classic cars. Though his parents struggled to provide him quality education, he started his career with a stroke of luck. The future reporter of the Rio Olympics came across a Craigslist ad and got an opportunity to report for SPEED’s NASCAR coverage.

After doing an excellent job for the following ten seasons, Rutledge moved on to a famous television sports show, ‘Top Gear USA’ in 2010, and continued to do it for the next six years. Food Network’s ‘Super Southern Eats’ combined his love for food and traveling. Rutledge hit the jackpot in 2020 with a chance to host Netflix’s hit show ‘Floor is Lava.’ The series’ is a pure source of entertainment. It features an obstacle course built within a room where the contestants have to cling to the walls, dangle from a rope, and perform similar feats to stop themselves from falling into the “lava.”

Rutledge Wood’s Wife and Daughters

The ‘Top Gear’ co-host is happily married to Rachel, and the two have three daughters, Elsie, Millie, and the youngest one, Hattie. They have known each other for almost 17 years now, and they have not spilled the details about their first meeting or exact wedding date. However, that does not mean Rutledge shies away from appreciating his beautiful wife, whom he frequently refers to as “Supermom.”

He publicly acknowledges the fact that because of the nature of his profession, he has to stay away from his home on most days. His wife calmly stays put and performs the roles of a father and a mother in his absence. Sometimes, it hurts him to see that his daughters do not feel the void, but mostly, he is grateful to have Rachel as his life partner and compliments her dedicated efforts to raise their daughters.

Rachel prefers to live a low-key life in Atlanta, Georgia, away from the spotlight. She is Rutledge’s backbone and makes his life more endearing than he could have ever imagined. He credits all his success and accomplishments to his four “gals.” Undoubtedly, they are both dedicated parents who come running back to their happy home the minute they get off work. All in all, Rutledge is not only an amazing husband but also a great father who has been there for every significant moment of his family.

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