Ryan Bates: Former Navy SEAL is a Business Owner Today

The spectacle of national and prestigious combat is genuinely riveting and enthralling. This is precisely what Netflix’s ‘Toughest Forces on Earth’ delivered to viewers, showcasing three army veterans embarking on training with elite army units from across the globe. Among them was Ryan Bates, a former Navy SEAL, who admirably tackled the challenges presented, offering audiences a rare and exceptional experience. His meticulous approach and swift comprehension of new concepts portrayed him as highly capable and mature.

Ryan Bates Quickly Learnt the Challenges of the Missions

As a former US Navy SEAL, Ryan Bates was ready for challenges. From the season’s outset, he understood that the journey would take much work. However, with his two companions, Dean Stott and Cameron Fath, by his side, he was confident that the experience would be enriching, if nothing else. During their second mission in the jungles of Colombia, where the trio had to learn how to navigate guerrilla warfare, he gained a valuable lesson.

Ryan spent the night in a hammock while the other soldiers slept on the ground. Initially, he found the jungle floor uncomfortable for sleeping and didn’t think much of it. However, the following day, the unit commander singled him out and explained that soldiers slept on the ground because sudden gunshots from rebels were a real threat, and by sleeping in a hammock, Ryan had put himself in danger. This incident made him quickly realize that he didn’t fully grasp the environment he was in, so he understood that his best course of action was to listen to his supervisor and follow their guidance.

With his determined mindset, Ryan quickly excelled and met all the challenges head-on, whether it was the bone-chilling winter of Sweden, the rough terrain of Malaysia, or the cartel and street violence in Mexico. He consistently stepped up, always at the forefront, ready to tackle any obstacle. However, he truly shone during a training mission in the Philippines. His experience as a member of the Navy made him quick and adept at operating in the water, instilling confidence in his team members that they could complete the mission.

Upon completing his final mission, Ryan reflected on how the experience had transformed him. He recognized that traveling to various parts of the world and witnessing different military practices had broadened his perspective. Additionally, he admitted that his understanding of military practices and drills had deepened, and he had acquired valuable hands-on skills that would benefit him in practical life.

Where is Ryan Bates Now?

Ryan Bates enlisted in the US Navy in March 1999 and served in active duty for 11 years until his retirement in January 2011. Shortly after his discharge, he transitioned to a role as a Team Lead at the Trident Group, where he contributed to their anti-piracy security efforts. After two and a half years in this role, he shifted gears and joined the Procinctu Group in Executive Protection. His extensive experience in combat enabled him to fulfill his duties with utmost diligence.

From 2011 to 2016, Ryan explored various business ideas. In January 2011, he founded Poseidon Applications Group, venturing into a different industry, where he found success. Seeking a new venture, he entered the food business, opening The Blind Buck Bar in January 2012 and Globe Bar & Kitchen in July 2014. However, all three ventures closed down in 2017. Despite these setbacks, he had already shifted the direction of his career by then.

In March 2016, Ryan began working for Wynn Resorts as the Director of Executive Protection, later transitioning to Wynn Las Vegas as an Executive in Food and Beverage. He remained with the company until 2018 when he assumed the role of head of security detail for Steve Wynn, the real estate mogul. Since 2021, he has also owned Canoe Club USA, an online retailer specializing in ammunition sales, which has achieved significant success over the years. Additionally, he has cultivated a savvy digital presence on the side.

Ryan and his wife, Diana Dahlgren, both entrepreneurs, often collaborate digitally to promote brands such as Just for Men and Polaris RZR, creating funny and relatable reels together. They share two children: their older boy, Hunter Bates, who turned seven on January 10, 2014, and their little girl, Penny Bates, who celebrated her second birthday on May 10, 2024. The family has chosen Las Vegas, Nevada, as their home, forming an adorable family unit. With such a strong support system, he has no complaints and is enjoying all the bounties of life.

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