Are Ryan Ignasiak and Brett From Married At First Sight Still Together?

Lifetime’s ‘Married At First Sight’ remains one of the most entertaining dating reality shows through its exciting premise of marrying strangers at their first meeting. Relationship experts make couples from a pool of singles who have never met each other. These couples meet directly at the altar where they are married in front of their family and friends. The two are then sent on a honeymoon before being allowed to settle down as a married pair. This being a legal marriage, the stakes are as high as they could be, and the couples navigate challenging roads to make their relationship work.

Ultimately, the choice to stay or separate is taken on Decision Day. It is honestly interesting how different cultures, habits, and lifestyles come together and compromise, all in the name of love. Ryan Ignasiak and Brett appeared on Season 13 of the beloved show. With both willing and ready to find their happily ever after, the experts matched them up and married them. Naturally, fans are now clamoring to know whether the couple is still together. Let’s find out, shall we?

Ryan and Brett’s Married At First Sight Journey

Ryan Ignasiak, 35, is a Texas native who values close familial bonds. He even mentioned that a significant reason behind his marriage was his desire to start his family. Taking his views and wants into consideration, the experts matched him with a 33-year-old New Jersey native Brett. While Brett is a teacher and a volleyball coach, Ryan works in an oil and gas corporation. However, with both willing to get married quickly, they did seem like the perfect match.

Unfortunately, Ryan and Brett had gone through a lot in their past. For Brett, it has been a dearth of romance, and she mentioned she had not kissed a guy in over two years. Although she believes herself to be a hopeless romantic, none of the guys have caught her eye. Hence even with a seemingly perfect life, Brett wishes to find her soulmate and settle down.

On the other hand, Ryan’s story is bittersweet, with elements of both heartbreak and triumph. As per what he revealed on the show, Ryan was massively affected by the tragic passing of his best friend in 2020. However, he managed to look towards the bright side and pulled through. Even though he came on ‘MAFS’ looking for a loving partner with whom he could start a family, it seemed like his parents disapproved of the move. Still, with Ryan ready to take the first step, it would be up to him to keep Brett happy.

Are Ryan and Brett Still Together?

The experts believed that Ryan Ignasiak has a softer side to him and thus would perfectly fit Brett’s requirement of finding someone loyal who can not only be a good listener but also discuss worldly matters with her. On the other hand, Ryan’s desire to have someone with whom he can easily communicate and begin a family seemed right up Brett’s alley. Additionally, the experts even claimed that with both wanting to settle down and marry quickly, the pressure might lead them towards a happy life.

Unfortunately, both Ryan and Brett prefer privacy when it comes to their personal life. Their social media accounts are set to private, and there is a lack of reports on the current status of their relationship. Moreover, TLC has a strict policy wherein they swear each couple to secrecy and ask them not to reveal their relationship status until the season finale is aired. Hence, it is unclear if Ryan and Brett are together at present. Yet, keeping their privacy in mind, we would like to wish them all the happiness in the coming days.

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