Sadie Beacham: Zachariah Anderson’s Ex-Girlfriend is Now a Proud Working Mother

After being unable to reach her boyfriend, Rosalio Gutierrez, for over two days, Sadie Beacham’s apprehension intensified when she discovered his residence in disarray with visible bloodstains. Alarmed by the unsettling scene, she promptly alerted the authorities, and her worst fears were validated. Although Sadie’s story has been featured in ‘Killer Cases: The Boyfriend,’ there remains limited insight into her background and current circumstances. Thus, a closer exploration is warranted to uncover more about Sadie Beacham’s life and where she stands today.

Sadie Beacham’s Ex-Boyfriend Killed Rosalio Gutierrez

Sadie Beacham, a mother of three, was engaged in a long-term relationship with Zachariah Anderson. In February 2020, the couple decided to part ways due to irreconcilable differences. The deterioration of their relationship had been ongoing, marked by Anderson’s persistent stalking behavior. The situation escalated to a point where, in December 2019, Beacham had to take legal action by filing for a restraining order against Anderson. This step was prompted by an incident where he physically attacked her in the presence of her children.

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Even after their breakup, Zachariah Anderson persistently continued his stalking behavior towards Sadie Beacham, going so far as to involve one of their daughters in recording their mother during stressful moments. Beacham discovered a burner phone discreetly placed under one of their children’s seats, evidently meant to monitor her activities. Distressed by the ongoing harassment, she sought assistance from the Germantown Police Department, but their response was limited, stating they couldn’t take action until Anderson was caught in the act. Unfortunately, her concerns were not addressed until it was too late.

On May 19, 2020, worried about the prolonged silence from her boyfriend, Rosalio Gutierrez, whom she had met online a few months earlier and was enjoying a stable relationship with, Beacham visited his house. To her horror, she found the patio door unlocked and discovered unsettling signs, including bloodstains, raising alarm bells about Gutierrez’s well-being. Subsequently, the police managed to gather evidence connecting Anderson to Gutierrez’s murder and proved that his motivation was sheer jealousy. Despite Anderson’s refusal to admit guilt and the absence of Gutierrez’s body, he was sentenced to life in prison for the first-degree murder.

Where is Sadie Beacham Now?

Image Credit: Sadie Beacham/ LinkedIn

During the trial, Sadie conveyed her sentiments, expressing that it was during her initial meeting with Gutierrez that she recognized something extraordinary about him. The time they spent together was characterized by a sense of comfort, mutual companionship, and the sharing of hopes and dreams. She expressed that the events that unfolded were worse than anything she could have ever imagined.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Sadie is a Care Manager and Social Worker with a background in handling mental health cases. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin, she holds a bachelor’s degree in education with a specialization in deaf studies. Sadie has built a career in the field, starting as a Mental Health Employment Specialist at The Threshold Incorporated. She later worked as an Outpatient Case Manager and Patient Assistance Advocate at Washington County Human Services. Since 2017, Sadie has been serving as a Care Manager at Community Care Incorporated in Mequon, Wisconsin, and resides in the Greater Milwaukee area.

In conclusion, Sadie Beacham, a mother of three, has demonstrated remarkable resilience and dedication throughout her career. Beyond her professional achievements, her unwavering commitment to mental health advocacy and being a stable presence for her children stand as powerful reflections of her enduring strength.

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