Emanuela Pecchia: Paolo Macchiarini’s Wife Keeps a Low Profile Now

Image Credit: Netflix

Emanuela Pecchia, the wife of the notorious surgeon Paolo Macchiarini, found herself entangled in the aftermath of his questionable medical practices and ensuing legal troubles. Though not directly interviewed in Netflix’s ‘Bad Surgeon: Love Under the Knife,’ her presence looms as a figure impacted by Macchiarini’s deceitful actions. The documentary features accounts from two other women who fell victim to Macchiarini’s manipulations, shedding light on the tangled web of his personal life. As Pecchia’s story remains mostly unexplored, her current whereabouts and perspective on the unfolding events surrounding her husband’s misconduct remain a subject of curiosity and intrigue.

Emanuela Pecchia’s Husband Cheated on Her

In the documentary, Benita Alexander, an NBC American journalist, recounts her experience meeting Paolo Macchiarini in 2013 while working on a documentary with him. Their collaboration took an unexpected turn as Alexander became enamored with Macchiarini, leading to a romantic relationship. The couple even got engaged with plans for a wedding in 2015. Macchiarini took charge of organizing the event, making extravagant promises such as the Pope’s attendance and the presence of high-profile figures like the Obamas and Elton John. However, Alexander soon discovered that it was all an elaborate deception, and Macchiarini had not made any arrangements at all.

Paolo Macchiarini with Benita Alexander

Heartbroken and still grappling with the gaslighting tactics employed by Macchiarini, Alexander sought solace by taking a trip to Barcelona with her girlfriends. During her visit, she decided to confront Macchiarini by going to the house from which he often spoke to her on the phone and where he had asked her to live with him after their marriage. To her astonishment, upon reaching the house, she discovered two children addressing him as Dad and a woman who turned out to be his wife, Emanuela Pecchia.

The second woman referring to Pecchia was Ana Paula Bernardes, another of Macchiarini’s girlfriends and the mother of one of Macchiarini’s patients who had died under his care. Shockingly, Macchiarini had a daughter with Bernardes while still being married to Pecchia, further exposing the extent of his deceptive and unethical behavior.

Where is Emanuela Pecchia Now?

There is limited information available about Pecchia, and the details surrounding her story remain relatively elusive to this day. However, unverified reports indicate she may have met Macchiarini in the late 1990s or 2000s, resulting in the birth of two children – a daughter and a son. She is said to continue residing in Italy, dedicated to providing her innocent children with a stable environment amid the turmoil surrounding their father. Additionally, reports suggest that she may have divorced him sometime between 2016 and 2018, highlighting her resilience in the aftermath of all the controversies.

Given the tumultuous revelations surrounding Paolo Macchiarini’s actions, one can empathize with the challenges faced by Pecchia upon discovering her husband’s deceit and harm to those who trusted him with their lives. Her choice to maintain a low profile suggests a desire to shield her children from the public fallout and provide them with as normal a life as possible amid the upheaval caused by Macchiarini’s actions.

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