Salted on Shark Tank: Everything We Know

While we see numerous companies appear with their businesses on ‘Shark Tank,’ the truth is that only a handful out of those who audition get through to meet the sharks. A season can see up to 100,000 applicants, with various auditions and a few who actually make it to the screen. In addition to this, there is also the fact that not all segments are aired. While a couple of business entrepreneurs do get to pitch their business models, not all of them make it to the final cut. Thus, there is a lot of screening that happens before the almost perfect pitches we see.

In Shark Tank season 11 episode 23, we are introduced to four companies. One of them is Salted. Here’s everything you should know about the company and its products.

Salted: Who Are They?

Jeff Appelbaum’s Salted is a company that enables various restaurants to deliver their food through them. The company aims to rise above the dine-in business to cut margins and earn more profit. At present they have six brands under their wings. These brands make food in their kitchen, and they are directly served to the customer’s homes by Salted. And, one can use several apps to do this. The company believes that one can save the time and resources one would often put into building infrastructure and developing a client base through a business venture like this. At present, the company runs its operations in Los Angeles, Chicago, Columbus, and San Francisco.

Jeff was the VP of Growth and Innovation at BeachMint. He is also the founder of DealQuad, which is a commerce site for college students. He made the business work with $75,000 from various investors. However, the future of his company depends on a lot on expansion which then means, he is constantly on the lookout for reliable investors.

Salted: What Do They Do?

Califlower Pizza, $ 5 Salad Company, Moonbowls, and Ginger bowls are some of the food brands that Salted hosts to provide food for its customers through delivery and pick-ups. The brands have an extensive array of cuisine. The company also sells meal kits named Blue Apron and Plated that sell in the whole food section. The company hopes that this mode of business can reduce their carbon footprint by not indulging in a lot of resources like a normal restaurant would do. The company website gives quite a bit of details as to what their vision is, along with their services.

At present, Salted is also hiring for different roles like Finance Manager and Brand analysts. Jeff has vast experience in the field of e-commerce and he believes that this will also change the way we envision future restaurants. Though the brand in itself doesn’t have many social media pages, except for an Instagram handle with a few posts, Jeff does the company’s marketing through his own social media accounts. However, most of the posts are either old or not directly related with their product updates.

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