Samantha Fleming Murder: Where is Geraldine Jones Now?

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When Samantha Fleming suddenly disappeared with her 3-week-old daughter in April 2015, her loved ones scrambled to find them. But sadly, only the baby was found alive. All the family knew was that she was supposed to attend a court hearing. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Diabolical: Mother of All Lies’ delves into a troubling case where the culprit went to great lengths to kidnap the little girl. So, if you’re wondering what happened to Samantha, we’ve got you covered.

How Did Samantha Fleming Die?

Samantha Fleming was a 23-year-old who lived in Anderson, Indiana. She shared an apartment with her boyfriend, Rainey Stanley, and her infant daughter, Serenity. Samantha’s life seemed to be looking up with her daughter and Rainey, whom she had been dating for about eight months. They were looking forward to starting the official process of Rainey adopting Serenity. On April 6, 2015, a knock on their door from someone who claimed to be from the Department of Child Services changed their lives forever.

April 6 was the last time Samantha was seen alive. Rainey reported the mother and daughter missing on April 10, leading to an extensive search for them. About a week later, on April 17, Samantha was found dead at a house in Gary, Indiana, almost 200 miles away. She had been stabbed about ten times and was stuffed in a storage bin. Her body was wrapped in plastic and soaked in bleach.

Who Killed Samantha Fleming?

Rainey told the investigators that Samantha and Serenity left with the woman who stated she was from Child Services. She said that Samantha had to attend an alleged court hearing and suggested she bring Serenity with her. Earlier on April 4, a woman called Samantha’s mother from a blocked number asking for the young woman and Serenity’s details. She claimed to be a representative from DCS. The exact number was used to call Samantha as well.

Investigators found Samantha’s wallet at an apartment complex in Gary the day she went missing. Furthermore, a text from her phone to her family on the same day read, “The judge said I don’t deserve my kid.” There were other text messages between Samantha and her mother that didn’t seem like it was Samantha from the other end. That was because the real Samantha didn’t “spell well” while the incoming messages had no mistakes. The authorities traced the blocked number to a woman named Geraldine Jones. Samantha’s GPS was tracked to an address in Gary that later turned out to be Geraldine’s home.

When the police got to the residence, Geraldine wasn’t there. It was her sister who opened the door and had Serenity with her. She stated that Geraldine had left the baby in her care and went to Texas a few days ago. There, she was being treated for depression because she tried to kill herself. There was also a foul odor in the house, leading the police to find Samantha’s dead body.

Investigation revealed that Geraldine had told her family that she had been pregnant with twins. Later, she told them that she had given birth to one child and lost another during birth. Geraldine also asked her family not to visit her at the hospital. Police found a crib, a changing table, and other baby items that pointed to some premeditation at the residence. The authorities believed that she impersonated a DCS employee to kidnap Serenity. There were no records of Geraldine working for the DCS.

Where is Geraldine Jones Now?

In May 2018, Geraldine, then 39, pleaded guilty to one count of voluntary manslaughter and two counts of criminal confinement. The same month, she received a sentence of 30 years in prison with an additional ten years of probation. Geraldine didn’t make a statement during her sentencing, but Samantha’s mother did. She said, “Nobody is promised tomorrow. But my world came to a crashing halt. This is like a bad movie that won’t stop playing.” As per prison records, Geraldine remains incarcerated at Rockville Correctional Facility in Parke County, Indiana. The earliest she can be released is in May 2037.

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