Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale Renewed For Season 2 at Sundance Now

The uncertainty regarding the future of ‘Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale’ has come to an end! Sundance Now has renewed the supernatural drama series for season 2. The filming of the sophomore installment will start in Worcestershire, England, and Wicklow, Ireland, on an undisclosed date. Debbie Horsfield, who created the show based on V.V. James’ ‘Sanctuary: A Novel of Suspense, Witchcraft, and Small Town Secrets,’ continues to lead the writers’ room, with Jessica Ruston and Gabbie Asher returning to pen the episodes. Lisa Mulcahy and Justin Molotnikov are on board as directors.

The first season revolves around a police investigation that uncovers the mysterious death of a teen sports star, hinting at deeper secrets lurking beneath the surface. Sarah defends her daughter Harper against accusations of witchcraft in Puritan New England, facing blackmail from their accuser Abigail. As magic was revealed at the crime scene, Harper’s revelation affects her life, while accusations of rape and revenge escalate tensions in Sanctuary. Following an attempt on Harper’s life, Sarah resorts to casting a spell over the town, leading to unforeseen consequences. Abigail’s efforts to clear Daniel’s name amplify anti-witch sentiments, culminating in a crisis exacerbated by a mysterious virus. As Sanctuary faces isolation and hysteria, Maggie struggles to avert catastrophe and ensure justice prevails.

In the second installment, the viewers can anticipate further unraveling of the intricate web of secrets surrounding Sanctuary as the aftermath of the devastating events that unfold in the first season continues to reverberate. With Sanctuary cut off from the outside world and tensions escalating, the stakes are higher than ever. Sarah and Harper may find themselves at the center of renewed suspicions and dangers as they navigate the fallout of their actions. Meanwhile, Abigail’s thirst for revenge and manipulation can reach new heights, posing a formidable threat to the peace in the town. As mysteries deepen and alliances shift, the characters will likely grapple with the consequences of their choices, and the true nature of justice and redemption will be put to the test in this supernatural drama.

Most of the main cast members of ‘Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale’ are expected to return to the upcoming season, including Elaine Cassidy as Sarah Fenn, Hazel Doupe as Harper Fenn, Stephanie Levi-John as DCI Maggie Knight, and Amy De Bhrún as Abigail Whithall. Valerie O’Connor may return to portray Bridget Paterson, along with Kelly Campbell as Julia Garston. Additionally, the returnees may include Stephen Lord as Ted Bolt, Adam Isla O’Brien as Ryan Greenhoff, Barry John Kinsella as Michael Whithall, Daniel Adegboyega as Pierre Martineau, and Keith McErlean as Albie Garston.

In recent times, Worcestershire has served as a filming location for the show’s first season and Netflix’s mystery film ‘Enola Holmes,’ while Wicklow has served as the backdrop for productions such as ‘The Tourist‘ and ‘Clean Sweep.’

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